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Piccadilly Theatre

Piccadilly Theatre
16 Denman Street

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(2mins) Pass the famous illuminated signs on your right to take Glasshouse Street/Sherwood Street where the theatre can be seen.

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Average Rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars based on 67 review(s)


Latest Review: "This was really cheesy and unrealistic. I am 13 years old and I normally enjoy watching shows and bu..."

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    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Carly UK

DO NOT GO!!!! This was terrible...horrendous infact. 6 of us went for a great night out & it was the biggest waste of 3 hours of our life! They absolutely massacered every spice girls song. They should be ashamed. The mums best friend was the best thing about the show. Along with the 3 minute encore where you could sing along & it was upbeat, instead of every song being turned into a depressive melancholy 10 minutes! Very Dissapointing...

    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Liz

With the music of the Spice Girls, Jennifer Saunders on board and the involvement from Mamma Mia, I thought this would be a cheesy feel good night out. It was appalling, one of the worst things I have seen at the theatre and certainly not worth the £85 a ticket I paid! There was not one original thing in the show, just a virtually identical story line of Mamma Mia mixed in with a praody of the X factor, which we have seen a million times. Not an original character in it, just popular character types from other shows, one like someone from Towie, one like someone from Made in Chelsea, the two older characters were identical to the 2 friends in Mamma Mia, one was Simon Cowell, one was Sharon Osbourne and the presented of the TV show was a cross between Dermot and Ant and Dec - surely Jennifer Saunders could have created one original character! The 4 girls who played the band had no start quality and average voices and the majority of songs were album tracks that most of the audience hadn't heard of. Some of the songs were absolutely murdered! The only saving graces were the last song at the end of the first half and the mash up of all the songs at the end which actually had a bit of life in it. The mother and friend were good and that was it! Truly awful which is such a shame!

    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Hazel

Went to see this show with my daughter on a Christmas shopping trip to London. It was truly, truly awful. The story line was so weak, staggering along and trying to reap the glories of Mamma Mia. I have seen many musicals and I couldn't wait to get out of this one. The characters seemed straight out of Ab Fab, an odd funny line or two but some songs appeared "made to fit". I felt embarassed and cheated (£52 per seat). What a waste.

    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Gill

Very disappointed with this show after such high expectations. The first half was particularly bad with slow dull songs I didn't recognize a lot of them! all wrapped around a weak storyline.

There was occasional one liners that gave it a bit of fun and the cast did quite well but it just didn't hit the mark.

The most memorable moment of the night was during a technical hitch and subsequent stopping of the show for a few minutes. A crowd of girls in the audience started signing Spice girls songs, which was much appreciated by the rest of us. second half was slightly better but the ten minute spice up at the end was too little too late.

    Thursday, 6th Dec 2012 by Lost the will to live

What a waste of 3 hours of my life. Absolute drivel - Ab Fab meets a primary school's version of Mamma Mia as a result of lazy writing designed to cash in on the Spice Girls legacy. Not all Spice Girls songs contrary to the marketing hype, and a lot of those used were only sung for about 1 minute. I expected cheese not garbage!!

    Thursday, 6th Dec 2012 by Critic

What a fantastic show! I think the critics might have been hoping for a rehash of spice girls songs but this was not what the show was about. It was fun and and really enjoyable with a fantastic cast. 5 stars for sure. This show will go a long way.

    Thursday, 6th Dec 2012 by Theatre Lover

Truly amazing, witty, funny show. Cast were amazing and talented. Booking tickets to go and watch it again.

    Thursday, 6th Dec 2012 by Lisa M.

Loved it. All the family loved it by the way!

    Thursday, 6th Dec 2012 by Hannah

As a Spice Girls and Jennifer Saunders fan I had high expectations for Viva Forever however this musical failed to deliver on all levels, it truly was the most appauling musical I have ever seen and I spent the entire production cringing in my overpriced seat. The singing and acting were deadful, the songs were badly converted into theatre renditions with the only decent sounding track being Spice Up Your Life. The plot was weak, unoriginal and riddled with bad versions of Ab Fab characters. To mirror the above comment, I felt embarassed for everyone involved, espeically the people singing and dancing along in their seat who obviously thought it was good! The only way you could possibly enjoy this was to be seriously drunk or seriously lacking in brain cells. Do not waste your money on this terrible musical! FYI I have never written a review on a musical before but this was so bad I had to voice my opinion!

    Wednesday, 5th Dec 2012 by Michelle

I would give this one star but one of the scenes (2 Become 1) I did like. As someone who works backstage in theatre I would be very embarrassed working on this show. I'm a massive Spice Girls fan and don't mind a bit of Ab Fab but I agree with the other 1 star reviewers in that this is terrible writing. The script is woeful rehashing Ab Fab characters in a dull way and all the costume changes on stage and people running around distracted any sense of performance. They should have gotten someone who knew how a musical is structured to write it with maybe just input from Saunders. The weird ending to both the act 1 and plot of act 2 was strange and most people didn't know it ended until the screen came down. The story was incredibly one dimensional and the staging only once or twice actually worked. Even when it's cleaned up a bit after previews it won't help. Don't waste your money. Watch Spiceworld instead if you are a fan and like some funny tongue-in-cheek writing.

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Booking From: Tuesday, 27th November 2012
Booking Until: Saturday, 29th June 2013
Matinees: Friday 5pm and Saturday 3pm
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