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Dominion Theatre

Dominion Theatre
268-269 Tottenham Court Road

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The theatre can be seen from the station, on the corner of the crossroads between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

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Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 81 review(s)


Latest Review: "Lucky me and my wife , who had a shance to see this beforeit end s . Superb show . As a me..."

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    Saturday, 4th Jan 2014 by els tyriard

Went to see the show on the 2nd of january. It was an excellent performance.


    Monday, 16th Dec 2013 by Sophia Luis

An Inspiring Musical Show of Its Own Kind

Featuring the songs of the legendary band, ‘Queen’, We Will Rock You continues to be an amazing musical play with a brilliant message that not only appeals to the rock lovers but also to people at large. I am too excited to watch the newest production of the play by Stuart Morley.

    Sunday, 15th Dec 2013 by Simon W

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. A West End show usually promises an elaborate production staring talented artists and an evening of entertainment that you would happily sit through time and time again. Not this one. During the break, we discussed whether we should leave before the end, to get an earlier train home.

The script was weak, cliched, crass, and quite frankly, appalling. It makes Monty Python look like the work of Shakespeare.

The storyline bares no relationship to Queen other than slotting their most iconic songs into each uncomfortable scene. It was set 300 years in the future, but despite this, they made a desperate attempt to be current by referencing today's technology such as Facebook and Twitter. They even went to the trouble of renaming Earth to "iPlanet". The Bohemian characters were named after artists such Britney Spears, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Gary Barlow and Cliff Richard. Even Simon Cowell and Bob The Builder got a mention.

The humour was at best, pathetic and embarrassing to watch. The acting was on par with something you would see at the local town hall. In their favour, I would highly praise the two main characters for their vocal abilities. They were outstanding, but I'm afraid it wasn't enough to save the show.

I've been to the West End many times over the years, but I've never seen so many bored people in a theatre as I did this weekend. In the second half, I noticed that many people didn't even bother to clap after some of the scenes, myself included. The standing ovation was joined by no more than 50 people, which in itself must have been tough for the performers to see.

If you're a fan of Queen, I would suggest going to see a tribute band instead.

    Thursday, 12th Dec 2013 by Sarah

Went to see this show 2 years ago and loved it so much I have booked for my boyfriend and I to go next year; this will be his first time seeing a West End show and I know he's going to love it. No, the story line isn't Oscar winning but don't go if you're expecting that. It's fun and the songs are incredible and I'm not even a Queen fan. Can't wait to see it again.

If you're up for a good time then go...don't listen to all the moaners because they obviously don't know how to enjoy themselves!

    Tuesday, 12th Nov 2013 by devonqueen

The musicians who played the music of "Queen" were excellent . The lead female singer ( Scaramouche) was very good, however the performance did seem a bit like a provincial show , as opposed to a west end production .

    Monday, 11th Nov 2013 by Eve

Im not the biggest fan of the Qeen. I went with my partner as he loves them...but what a pleasant surprise that was.I absolutely loved the show .Funny dialogues and the whole cast is amazing.

    Saturday, 26th Oct 2013 by Sharon

Love the Cast, love the music of Queen. For me the lame script of Ben Elton stopped me from giving it 5 stars and holds it back. Brenda Edwards is phenominal, the fact that she didn't even finish in the top three of the X-Factor is proof that those shows really don't have a clue. I was sitting in the middle of the stalls and could feel her charisma from the first second she appears. Uttely Brilliant. I love the Simon Cowellesque bad guy as well. Overall, a great night out.

    Thursday, 24th Oct 2013 by Evie

This is a terrible musical. My family and I are traditionalists, with a love of Les Mis, Phantom, Wicked and lots more London shows we were lost in We Will Rock You.

The story was incredibly weak, there were massive gaps in the story, the love story was basically a friends with benefits that made the songs seem cheap and nasty.

The songs were squished in and most of the time were completely irrelevant.

The singing was amazing, and the cast was good but they were sailing a sinking ship with flat jokes and terrible scenery.

Go and see a tribute if you love Queen because this is ridiculous and cheap!

    Tuesday, 22nd Oct 2013 by Ida Brown

Fantastic show - came out feeling 20 yrs younger! ( Tickets should be on prescription for pensioners - best medicine around!! ) Loved every minute of it. Well Done to all the cast

They were wonderful.

    Wednesday, 2nd Oct 2013 by Chris & Jenny Faulkner

Went to see the show last night .it was brilliant lots of action and fabulous Queen music. The show was well cast and the voices exceptional. My wife & I thoroughly enjoyed the show and will go again when we can. EXCELLENT !!!

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Show Information
Booking From: Thursday, 29th May 2014
Booking Until: Saturday, 31st May 2014
Running Time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Age Restriction: Suitable for ages 10 and over. Children aged 4 and under will not be admitted.
Important Info: There is some mild language. Please note: strobe lighting is used in the performance. Seats labeled 'Restricted View' are restricted view by a handrail. Customers must be 5'4 in order to see over the handrail clearly. Customers under 5'4 will have the handrail in their view.

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