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Apollo Victoria Theatre
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Latest Review: "Was a fantastic shos, but...was too loud, had my fingers in my ears a lot, .would be better if not s..."

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    Friday, 20th Dec 2019 by Jean gibson

Was a fantastic shos, but...was too loud, had my fingers in my ears a lot, .would be better if not so loud

    Thursday, 1st Mar 2018 by Lyndy

Worst show I have seen in London ever

Screechey dialogue made my granddaughters ears hurt

Bad choreography .Didnt connect to story at all

Left at interval . How has it survived all this time

Very expensive load of rubbish.

    Friday, 3rd Nov 2017 by Rose

Wicked is a compelling narrative on the natures of good and evil, and how one is affected by personal tragedy and the society in which they live. On the surface, it's an interesting, family-friendly show that centres around true friendship and not judging a book by its cover, but it really doesn't take a musical genius to read in between the lines and explore the deeper themes presented - though there are plenty of techniques for the music nerds to pick up on.

What with the show being my absolute favourite musical, I've been to see it numerous times, and while all of them were brilliant, my favourite would have to be the 1/3/17 matinee with Willemijn Verkaik. Easily. As in, without a doubt, no hesitations, I-even-learned-a-new-language-for-her kind of favourite.

(Gutes Tun [German version of No Good Deed, which is incredible enough in English] is honestly the best song in existence.)

So it was both with excitement and some trepidation that I went to the 25/11/17 matinee last week, as my previous show had also been Willemijn and I wasn't sure on what to expect from the new cast. Thankfully, Alice Fearn hit it out of the park - each Elphaba has their own riffs and nuances that they add to the role, one of hers that I particularly liked was going up the octave on the last note of I'm Not That Girl, something I'd never heard done before.

Sophia Evans was spectacular, with a stunning soprano and obvious layers to her performance, which is very much needed in No-One Mourns the Wicked, Thank Goodness and the Finale.

But regardless of the actress playing the infamous witch, I've found that the show never fails to deliver, or at least not when I've seen or heard it. Everyone has a favourite cast that stays with them - for me, this is the Original German Cast - but for anyone to perform in such iconic roles requires a massive amount of talent, particularly in the 'golden trio' of The Wizard and I, Defying Gravity, and No Good Deed. (Most people I've asked have to give a top three or even a top five of actors.)

Obviously, the show is not flawless, but neither is any other production. One of the main complaints seems to be the quality of sound, which from personal experience with theatre and similar media I would class as a fault of the sound system itself rather than that of the performance. In terms of the singing, the actors have eight shows a week to contend with, and there's always a chance of an off-day, a slight slip-up, or their style of performance might not be what you prefer.

Or the show might just not be your cup of tea, which is fair.

Personally, I would 110% recommend Wicked, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Sunday, 15th Oct 2017 by Jaime

Fab show made very special by the care and attention shown to us by Hannah. As a wheelchair user I really appreciated her kindness and friendliness in escorting us to our seats checking on us in the interval and looking after my chair . Thank you so muchπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

    Tuesday, 10th Oct 2017 by Charmaine McGinley

28th September 2017 H8 H7 Stalls

Ticket price 39 Pounds

7.30pm show

We are visitors from South Africa and my eldest daughter purchased tickets for my youngest birthday as a treat.

We could not contain our excitement and waited with bated breath for the curtain to go up.

Imagine our shock and horror as the sound and diction was that of a high school musical...my daughter and I shot side way glances at one another as this we did not expect...

to say we were mortified is to down play our expectations on the show!

In fairness it did get better but the damage was done and we left the theatre a tad disappointed.

On the upside we got to reference our shows here in SA and am happy to report we are world class

    Monday, 26th Jun 2017 by Dawn Lee

The show was amazing and I want to especially Thank the staff who assisted us on Saturday evening with my mum and her mobility scooter. They were so helpful and considerate and made our evening an even more enjoyable experience, special thanks to Ryan Stubbs who came to check on us throughout the show to ensure my mum was comfortable..

    Tuesday, 21st Mar 2017 by Julie - london

Amazing in every way...booked tickets then needed to know about access for my 75 year old mum, access dealt with every requirement I had about stairs & lifts.

When arrived a staff member called me by name and said he had been waiting. He helped my mum with the stairs so she could get up without people getting in her way while there were coming down (one person made a comment & he politely explained that the access & the handrail on this side was for people needing help with the stairs) he then showed us directly to our seats, informed us about the bar information. At the interval he was back again asking if we needed anything or help. Amazing...people as assertive are hard to come by...amazing

The show was Wicked my 9 year old wanted to go but as it was a 7:30 show & she had school the next day, I gave in & she loved (& stayed awake) the whole show. Amazed by the costumes & singing & wants to go again.

Great night out for any age. Thank you for all your help, your show & staff are amazing.

    Tuesday, 14th Mar 2017 by lily

Beautiful venue, lovely costumes and wonderful lighting. Slightly spoiled by the screechy type singing as the words couldn't be heard properly. This meant the story was a bit disjointed as it moved along. I think it was more the sound system than the actors themselves. The second half picked up the story better. Some people love this musical passionately. I would go again if someone wanted company and hadn't seen it but would chose something else if it was my own choice. Good to have seen it though.

    Sunday, 29th Jan 2017 by Ken. Wiseman

Went to see wicked last night,what a fantastic night.anita dobson Racheal tucker and suzie Mathews gave brilliant performances. as it was there last show it was very special.i congratulate all of the cast for putting on a brilliant show. I hope some of the new cast will do very well.and I send my congratulations to the director the producer and all the back stage crew a job well done,it's the best show I have ever been to. Ken. Wiseman

    Thursday, 27th Oct 2016 by Ken. Wiseman

I saw the show on Monday night Anita's performance as madam morrible was brilliant,and Rachel tucker who plays elphaba and suzie mathers who plays Glinda there performances were great with there singing and acting skills.i would like to congratulate all the members of the cast for putting on a brilliant show and would recommend anybody to go and see it.im going again in January I loved it and it is one of the best shows I have ever been to

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