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Olivier Theatre, National

Olivier Theatre, National
South Bank

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(10mins) Follow signs for exits to the South Bank. This should lead you to an underground pedestrian passage called ‘Sutton Walk’ that emerges at the South Bank. Turn right and walk along the river Thames until you see the National Theat

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Latest Review: "... Bounces along apace, with a very good & strong supporting cast and a lovely, rotating house set;..."

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    Sunday, 1st Jun 2014 by Steve

... Bounces along apace, with a very good & strong supporting cast and a lovely, rotating house set; Nigel L is super (as ever) but the seedy store/private detective is the true star turn: very funny and also oddly menacing too. A great bit of semi-serious farce, well performed by a quality cast. Only bit I found a bit strange/uneasy was the ending, where 'Sammy' (the troubled, drugged-up teen daughter) seemed to drift away alone, for unclear reasons. Go and see it!

    Monday, 26th May 2014 by Steve

Excellent script, superb actors, fast-paced mostly comedy action, farce with a marvellous set (rotating, full-size house!) ... One of the best things I've seen at the NT for a long time, especially the lady who 'romances' her way through all 5 of the Italian brothers, one by one (not simultaneously-:)

    Wednesday, 2nd Apr 2014 by anita go

Pathetic, laboured, boring, clichéd, entirely predicable -you wouldn't give it 5 mins if it was on tv.

A total waste of £30 for two tickets

Why is The National Theatre wasting public money on this rubbish?

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Booking From: Tuesday, 26th August 2014
Booking Until: Wednesday, 27th August 2014
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