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Wyndham's Theatre

Wyndham's Theatre
32-36 Charing Cross Road

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The theatre can be seen opposite the station.

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Booking From: Thursday, 2nd January 2014
Booking Until: Friday, 3rd January 2014
Age Restriction: Suitable for over 16s only.
Show Status: production_closed
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Average Rating: 2.3 out of 5 stars based on 72 review(s)


Latest Review: "My husband and I, with two friends bought tickets to see Barking in Essex last December, and were..."

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    Tuesday, 19th Nov 2013 by Tav

Knew it contained bad language BUT!!!! Found it very offensive and not very funny at all apart from some of Lee Evan's actions when he wasn't talking!!!Good group of actors so expected much more but very disappointed.

    Monday, 18th Nov 2013 by Amber

Truly awful and an insult to people from Essex.... every cliche and stereotype was covered!

We left in the interval and some left about 15 minutes in - I wish I had. Some people found the use of the C word very funny - I don't find it that offensive but it was a shame this is the only way this show drew any laughs. I understand this show closes in January and I am not suprised!

    Sunday, 17th Nov 2013 by Bunny0201

Over the top, unnecessary swearing that adds nothing to the very weak storyline. Very, very disappointed.

    Wednesday, 13th Nov 2013 by Ann Frondigoun

I found that the swearing was very over the top and not in keeping with the content of the show

Lee Evans and indeed Sheila Hancock made the show

I am sorry to say it would not be a show that I would recommend to friends

    Sunday, 10th Nov 2013 by markg

i loved it, swearing made me laugh, lee evans and keeley hawes are great

it was a bit of fun, and i thought it was poking fun at martin cole type plays , spend alot of time in barking and thouht of this play a s a caricature of the people there.

    Sunday, 3rd Nov 2013 by the singing decorator

well. i started out with lee evans on the entertainment scene, the man is a genious. but this show was bad. swearing even made me cringe. rubbish story line. get out lee, your to good for it. xx

    Friday, 1st Nov 2013 by Nosage

Would have given a zero rating if I could. Dire, overacted, no plot, not funny, potty mouthed. This stellar cast must need the money. Like so many others I left at the interval. Would have left before but did not want to disturb others. Some people found it funny- they were mainly geezers who were there to see Evans. I felt embarrassed for the cast. The Stall tickets we had were very expensive but when we got there they announced that those who had balcony seats should go to the box office and they would get a better seat. Indicative that sales are down. Perhaps it will close soon, it should do. Avoid.

    Thursday, 31st Oct 2013 by Pip

My husband & I travelled from Kent to see this play, both equally excited to see the production, as it had such a srtong cast. I must admit, the swearing was too much at times, I didnt really understand the plot either. We went because we are huge Lee Evans fans, but found this play disappointing.

    Tuesday, 29th Oct 2013 by Siri

Like marmite, you will either love it or hate it. My Barking born husband loved it, as did I. We both laughed until our sides ached. Brilliant cast and brilliant show!

    Sunday, 27th Oct 2013 by Fiona

There is only one word to describe this show - rubbish! I cannot believe with such a great cast that they accepted this role in a westend show. It was neither inventive nor funny. It was so bad I could easily have left aft 10 mins but kept thinking surely it will get better. We left at the break - and just wished we could have had a full refund too.

I would not recommend this at all - the only highlight was in interior decoration of the theatre.

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