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Wyndham's Theatre

Wyndham's Theatre
32-36 Charing Cross Road

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The theatre can be seen opposite the station.

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Booking From: Thursday, 2nd January 2014
Booking Until: Friday, 3rd January 2014
Age Restriction: Suitable for over 16s only.
Show Status: production_closed
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Average Rating: 2.3 out of 5 stars based on 72 review(s)


Latest Review: "My husband and I, with two friends bought tickets to see Barking in Essex last December, and were..."

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    Sunday, 27th Oct 2013 by Mo

After reading the reviews was really concerned But hey! Loved the theatre,seats were great, audience atmosphere great, show great !

    Saturday, 26th Oct 2013 by Ian

Avoid-we left after the first half. I don't usually write negative reviews believing that if you can't say something positive then you shouldn't say anything until but after a very disappointing evening and a considerable sum paid for tickets, I felt compelled to do so. If only to prevent others making the same mistake. This is the worst play I have ever seen; everything written by the other low reviewers is correct. The bad language isn't offensive as it becomes boring way too soon for that to happen. The storyline is so weak to be laughable (but not in a good way!) and seeing Sheila Hancock in this poor show was embarrassing. In the interest if fairness though I will admit that there were a number if people who seemed to be laughing loudly. I can only think that they were diehard Lee Evans fans as there really was nothing to laugh about.

    Thursday, 24th Oct 2013 by Sanv

Great cast and incredibly funny. There is a lot of swearing, but its totally in context with the theme of Barking - an East of London area in Essex. Its well acted with Sheila Hancock as Lee Evan's mum and Keeley Hawes' as his Essex wife. A farcical comedy about a bank robbery and the criminal returning home. Haven't laughed so much in ages very enjoyable.

    Monday, 21st Oct 2013 by Wacspit

The most predictable and boring show I have ever seen. Unless you think the C and F words repeated over and over again is funny, you won't enjoy this. The 'gags' could be seen coming a mile off - as I presume could I when I paid for the tickets. What a waste of money time and actors' talent.

    Sunday, 20th Oct 2013 by Paolo

I don't mind a bit of swearing. I don't mind a lot of swearing, to be brutally honest. I'm 37 years old and the last thing I saw in the theatre was The Book Of Mormon last month, which I thought was absolute genius from start to finish. It may have a hell of a lot of bad and crude language, but it feels like it's there for a reason, and, most of all, is very very funny.

Barking In Essex shows the world how NOT to use bad language. Use it, by all means, but when it feels like certain words are being used (again and again and again) for cheap laughs, it gets quite annoying. It was lazy. On top of that, the story was boring and totally unconvincing. I know we have to suspend our disbelief in these situations, but a good play will make this effortless for you. When you find yourself questioning the reality of the storyline, you know the play hasn't grabbed you, as if it had, it really wouldn't matter how far-fetched the story is.

I must say though that me and my wife were probably the youngest people in the theatre and the older and more middle class parts of the audience seemed to be enjoying it just fine.

    Sunday, 20th Oct 2013 by Rhoda

Fantastic set,especially Act. All five actors worked hard on a poorly constructed script. The swearing is unnecessary but you are warned as you enter. To sum up, good acting which could not rescue a very dull script.

    Sunday, 20th Oct 2013 by steve ruby

Just the worst play I have ever seen, how many times have you got to say the C word for comedic effect before it becomes completely redundant. Script written by a three year old would be better. No story, no comedy, no nothing. God bless Lee Evans for effort but he knows you cant polish this turd. I along with four friends left at the interval, we were not the only ones. Do not waste your time or money on this drivel. I gave it a 1 because 0 was not available. You have been warned.

    Saturday, 19th Oct 2013 by Styler

Show was beyond bad!! Storyline was boring, unbelievable and just not funny. The use of swear words was also over the top and again not amusing! Such a shame and a total waste of money do not book.

    Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013 by George Mills

In all of my years going to the theatre I have never enjoyed a production less than this one. To take a group of extremely talented people, give them a script that is entirely full of uneccesary gratuitous language, and then expect them to perform is an insult to their ability, and the paying public as well. The story could work, and be funny as well, if the foul and abusive language had been kept to the minimum. Not what seemed to be every other word. I would strongly reccomend that if you have the time and money for going to the theatre, go elswhere. My score was 1 because 0 was not available.

    Monday, 7th Oct 2013 by Sue

Total rubbish! Bad language, no story line and not even true to Barking where I originate from.

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