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Wyndham's Theatre

Wyndham's Theatre
32-36 Charing Cross Road

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The theatre can be seen opposite the station.

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Booking From: Thursday, 2nd January 2014
Booking Until: Friday, 3rd January 2014
Age Restriction: Suitable for over 16s only.
Show Status: production_closed
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Average Rating: 2.3 out of 5 stars based on 72 review(s)


Latest Review: "My husband and I, with two friends bought tickets to see Barking in Essex last December, and were..."

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    Sunday, 29th Sep 2013 by Ian

The farce of this show was I paid to see it!

A good quality cast limited by a dated premise. The language didn't get in the way of my potential enjoyment I heard worse on the street outside, it was the total predictable banality of the play and the lost opportunity for humour 'black'or otherwise that I just could not believe. Had a terrific time in London until the curtains at the Wyndham opened.

    Sunday, 29th Sep 2013 by ian

my wife and i are massive Lee Evans fans and that was the reason we booked to see the show.what a huge disappointment a complete waste of our time and money. worst we have seen wish we had left after half hour.get out quick Lee.

    Sunday, 29th Sep 2013 by Paula lowe

Well funny !! sad gits wright poor reviews, loved all the cast, very well played, by all !! recommend to all with open mind, laughed all the way h

me, TO ESSEX dont worry bout the C **** LOL

Well done xxxxxxxxxxx

    Saturday, 28th Sep 2013 by Maggie

Had to make lots of arrangements for the children to enable us to go to see this load of rubbish - very disappointed! Not bothered about the language, the plot line was non existent which then relied on the bad language to carry the script - left during the interval. Waste of £154 paid for good seats in a lovely theatre.

    Friday, 27th Sep 2013 by From Essex

Wish I could give this 0 stars. Worst play I have ever seen in West End or local theatres or anywhere. 'Plot' could have been written by a 5 year old - aside from the gratuitous swearing which added nothing and sounded like kids who'd just discovered the nastiest swear word had decided to use it over and over in an attempt to shock. Perhaps the 99.9% of decent ordinary people who live in Essex can get this taken off on grounds of discrimination/racism haha! there certainly seems to be some lazy snobbish stereotyping going on in the play and in some of the comments on here! Agree with previous poster, if you've bought tickets (that have cost an outrageous amount of money) throw them in the bin and don't waste your time as well. Have no idea how this play got put on and why these decent actors agreed to be in it. Now we know why there was such a huge amount of publicity: to sell tickets before the previews.

    Tuesday, 24th Sep 2013 by Dianne

This was a huge disappointment for 5 of us that attended last nights performance , We felt we would be seeing something of a high quality as the cast are very well known actors, but unfortunately all 5 of us were hugely disappointed we are not prudes but the vile swearing that seemed to be almost in every sentence was offensive and boring ,the story nothing special a very forgettable play for us a waste of our time and money

    Sunday, 22nd Sep 2013 by Ginny

There is no doubt that a few of the 5 Star reviews 'planted' here are by cast members, family or friends, as this is probably the worst play I've ever seen in a major West End theatre & I go virtually every week & for the past 20 years.

I quite like searing in contemporary plays ( think 'Jeruslem'!) but this is just unfunny verbal filth, I assume to try to mask the dreadfully weak plot line. Can't see it lasting too much longer, sadly, as 3 great actors are in it... Clearly a massive career blunder for each of them - I imagine that their agents will be walking the plank shortly!

    Friday, 20th Sep 2013 by Not From Essex

All I can say is that those people giving this show 5* MUST be from Essex, there is no merit in this play out side the waste of very talented actors. I predict it closes or cast a complete cast change within 3 months of opening !

Perhaps this play does not belong is the west end but in a quiet village hall in a long forgotten Essex village.

    Thursday, 19th Sep 2013 by Sharon

Terrible show, one of the worst we have seen. We love Lee Evans but we were so disappointed. The 3 main actors are brilliant, Sheila Hancock stole the show, but Lee Evans talent was completely wasted. The first half was bearable, but it petered out to a totally boring second half and the ending was an anti climax. The swearing was just not necessary, littered with c*** from start to finish and many of the older people in the audience must have found it very offensive. We are not prudes by any stretch of the imagination but it just wasn't warranted. Unless you find it hilarious to listen to welll known actors saying the word out loud constantly it becomes very tedious and a turn off. Apart from one guy who was obviously a big Keeley Hawes fan who guffawed every time she opened her mouth, the laughs were few and far betweeen. I don't know which show got a standing ovation but it certainly didn't happen at the one we went to, just a quick round of weak applause at the end and everyone made their way home. Sorry Lee, but you're much better than this.

    Thursday, 19th Sep 2013 by Chris

Went to see the show this afternoon, could not stop laughing, kept laughing on the way home Yep to Barking, the train went past Barking station for some reason, which for some reason again kept laughing . Actors were brilliant , could not fault it, just not for children x Brilliant ps the simple question took me a piece of paper and 10 mins to do so that's what you get if you come from Barking

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