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Wyndham's Theatre

Wyndham's Theatre
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The theatre can be seen opposite the station.

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Booking From: Thursday, 2nd January 2014
Booking Until: Friday, 3rd January 2014
Age Restriction: Suitable for over 16s only.
Show Status: production_closed
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Average Rating: 2.3 out of 5 stars based on 72 review(s)


Latest Review: "My husband and I, with two friends bought tickets to see Barking in Essex last December, and were..."

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    Saturday, 14th Sep 2013 by Review On Line

What Can I say about this play, there are very few words that are able to describe the awful scripting, written by a person who does not appear to understand estuary English.

Take a tally counter with you to count the number of times the word C*** is used and always inappropriately. If you really must use the word, and here it is wholly unnecessary, use it with grace and rarely

Lee Evans was clearly the draw for the show, but we did not see enough of his natural talent. But when that talent was released, the slow run and the dance, it was warmly and roundly applauded. Sheila Hancock was struggling with a poor script and seeing her swear was a novelty initially but then it all became trite and tedious. Keeley Hawes too her part well, but really let down by a bad script.

The best (visual) joke in the script was mostly missed - Luton, and really the plot and the ending was very thin.

Cast good script dreadful, set great - but a six shooter does only shoot six bullets, not seven

    Saturday, 14th Sep 2013 by Suzanne James

With the great Sheila Hancock combined with the visual antics of the awesome Lee Evans this should have been a side-splitting Play. However, neither were able to do much with a weak script and little opportunity for poor Lee Evans to exploit his character. Only big laughter of night came when he was spanish dancing..... Felt very disapointed. Sorry Lee & Sheila - You are still top of my list in the entertainment world but such a shame you weren't given a 'proper' East End cum Essex script and storyline to shine on.

    Saturday, 14th Sep 2013 by SP

When to see this last night 13/9/13. Had been looking forward to it for weeks, but sadly came away disappointed and feeling like I'd wasted money on expensive overpriced tickets.

The plot was non existent, humour vulgar, overacted and didn't really get the relevance to Essex. Which is sad as there should have been so much more potentional with an Essex story and the cast alone.

    Friday, 13th Sep 2013 by john

a really good black comedy based on the arsenic and old lace

theme with a good storyline the cast were great and shelia hancock was fantastic for a 80yr old were does she get her energy from lee evans was his usual self daft as a brush a warning to the director the bad language needs yo be cut by half asap it was overdone and not required

the show must have been good with three curtain calls and a standing ovation at the end watch out for the gunshots

    Friday, 13th Sep 2013 by Leigh

A truly awful show which will close as soon as the critics properly get their teeth into it. Outrageous gratuitous language, and a dreadful script. The only good thing about the night was the wonderful Wyndhams theatre which, unfortunately, does its reputation no good whatsoever showcasing this garbage!

A great shame to see class actors so demean themselves!

    Thursday, 12th Sep 2013 by Nick

I have been watching theatre regularly for nearly 50 years and this was one of the worst productions I've ever seen.If not THE worst. Dreadful script and poorly acted - even Sheila Hancock messed up a few lines. The sole source of "comedy " seemed to consist in getting her and Keeley Hawes (both National Treasures and deemed to be "posh " ) to F and blind as much as possible. Beyond dismal - simply embarrassing.

One can only conclude that the cast needed the money.Ours should have been returned.

    Thursday, 12th Sep 2013 by Steve

I went last night (11.9.13) and came away feeling a bit sad!

I love Lee E (& SH + KH) but this is a real Xmas turkey, served-up far too soon before December.

There are a few really good laugh-out-loud moments, mostly generated by LE being a genuinely gifted comedian (especially in the second half, when he's fooling around, dressed as a Spanish bullfighter/dancer) but the constant use of the 'F' word becomes absolutely tedious after about just 10 mins...

The plot is weak and silly and the script gives no real chance for SH & KH to shine, as their true quality would allow. Sadly, I'm sure the run will be shortened once reviews come out early next week, unless very swift modifications are made during 'notes' sessions with the cast. This could still turn this production into a decent night out in the expensive West End!

    Monday, 9th Sep 2013 by Foxy

This is terrible.script is atrocious .actors are wasted and do the best they can.probably worst thing I have seen at the theatre.the critics will pan this.

    Sunday, 8th Sep 2013 by Graham Keating

Was so excited to get preview tickets - stellar cast.

Oh dear.

If you think watching very good thesps swearing is VERY funny, this will be a treat for you.

If irony, plot, farce or characterisations are your thing, forget it.

And, by the way, if this was about (say) a yardie gang in Brixton, does anyone think it would have made it on to the stage?

    Sunday, 8th Sep 2013 by Louise

I was so disappointed! It could have been so much better. The constant use C**t was outrageous and completely unnecessary. It was BORING and the story line was weak. It was terribly over acted to a cringe worthy level. Lee Evans will regret this! Sheila Hancock and Keeley Hawes were just enjoying themselves swearing A LOT!!

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