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Menier Chocolate Factory

Menier Chocolate Factory
51 Southwark Street

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(10 mins) Head towards Borough High Street; cross the street and take Union Street. Turn right at O’Meara Street and the theatre will be at the end.

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Latest Review: "I really enjoyed this play. There were some silly comedy moments, which only served to lighten up th..."

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    Sunday, 8th Nov 2015 by SR

I really enjoyed this play. There were some silly comedy moments, which only served to lighten up the mood of the serious issues that underlie the script. The FEAR of living in a dictatorship, the sometimes dubious 'diplomacy' of Western governments when dealing with those... But the story I took home, was the one about the strength of the Iraqi people, who've have endured and survived all of this with most dignity.

    Thursday, 8th Oct 2015 by corbyn

A misguided and inauthentic production with white and Asian Actors putting on Middle eastern Accents to create a farce about a war that based on the lie of "Weapons of mass destruction" one left the theater wondering, "why?" Surely we know better now! Whats the point of putting on a show like this ? If it's comedy, it's really in bad taste ! Wondered why they could not get any real Arab actors to play Arabs ! They must have thought it's not funny even offensive !

    Wednesday, 30th Sep 2015 by SN

Attended last night 29th September. I thought it was an excellent production; well written, with a great set, and executed by a very competent cast. What seems to be lost on some (apparently) is that Dinner with Saddam is a is a black comedy / political farse with some poignant and profound points regarding the changing support of Western governments with highly dubious and conflicted motives. It is I suspect that the two earlier reviews were from people who were trying too hard to gain deep intellectual meaning from what was, after all a comedy. The deep irony (seemingly lost on some) who didn't stay after the interval was a) they they live in a (broadly) free society and b) were able to choose to leave, expressing their free will, from a production that would have been banned in Iraq. As for the negative comments on the apparent purile comedy aspect - I suspect that they are more concerned in what others think of them rather than enjoying the moment! It was funny - get over it.

    Thursday, 24th Sep 2015 by Dr Jeffrey Freeman

Totally agree with your review.Puerile humour. My grandchildren are starting to grow out of laughing at fart and pooh jokes;I did so along time ago. Whether a play about the tragedy of Iraq can ever be a comedy is debatable, but the comedy should at least be amusing and pointed. Can't comment about the second act.We left at the interval.Such a waste of talent.The set was nice though

    Sunday, 20th Sep 2015 by D. Y.

Hammy. Over-loud. Farcical yet even within that remit, unconvincing. Left me genuinely thirsty for some sense of truth - theatrical, dramatic, political or personal - which theatre needs. And why do plays set in foreign parts insist on all the actors speaking as if they are people from those parts speaking English with strong accents? Iraqi Arabic is normal for the characters we saw. So their speech should have sounded normal-for-them, ie normal-for-us, ie it was jarring to have them all putting on Iraqi accents. Left at the interval, I`m afraid. Making a convincing farce out of the events of 2003 is a legitimate aim - so far not achieved, even by someone with the wit, the connections with producers, the writing experience, to have been able to do it. Sorry. Much hard work clearly went into this production. And I imagine they enjoyed the rehearsals.

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Booking From: Tuesday, 10th November 2015
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