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Duke of York's Theatre

Duke of York's Theatre
104 St Martin's Lane

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(5mins) Take Charing Cross Road to St Martin’s Court, head down until the end and then take a right onto St Martin’s Lane until you reach the theatre on your right.

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Average Rating: 2.4 out of 5 stars based on 5 review(s)


Latest Review: "Kit Harrington does a great job of bringing Dr Faustus to a modern day audience. This was a truly..."

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    Sunday, 15th May 2016 by Ben

Kit Harrington does a great job of bringing Dr Faustus to a modern day audience. This was a truly enjoyable performance.

    Monday, 25th Apr 2016 by susan p

Well I thought it was a fantastic production. Unlike anything I've seen before - the pace changes throughout the night so you never know what to expect next. I have never read/seen Doctor Faustus before so had only a topline view of the story and so I guess didn't have any expectations - but it had me totally gripped. I thought the acting was brilliant with one actor in particular doing two great comic turns (7 deadly sins and the 'chocolate caviar truffles') that stole the show. I hope Kit gets him a role in Game of Thrones! I concede there is an element of gratuitousness which will not make this a production for everyone, but I (and all those in my party) thought it was great.

    Friday, 22nd Apr 2016 by Anne Leggett

Marlowe's play is submerged in efforts to disgust or deafen. Don't go.

    Monday, 18th Apr 2016 by nh whitehead

Dr Faustus is such a varied and interesting story. The tale takes him all over the world, becoming anything he wishes, which is not expressed in this sparce play. The extravagance of the story was not expressed and is much missed in this production. I found it too minimal and a great disappointment.

    Saturday, 16th Apr 2016 by Brent Cirves

REVIEW: Saw the show last night at the Duke of York's Theatre. The actors work hard, and there's talent here ... but this piece is a major West End disappointment. Insultingly so. It intends to shock but really only offends--and believe me, I'm no prude. It is hideously ugly to look at all the way through (I guess they were making a point about hell, but where are the earthly attractions to counter-balance?); it's impossible to like Faustus, even though the actor himself seems very likeable and quite talented--and the middle scenes, not written by Marlowe, are heavy-handed, amateurish, and, well, silly. The only tragedy here is the waste of time and money, and the toll it is clearly taking on the actors. Sympathies to them. The producers/director seem to think that all they have to do is display Kit H. nearly naked onstage and people will feel they got their money's worth. Not so. There is felonious actor abuse going on here. This show, which was supposed to be all about magic, is desperately lacking in same--though there's plenty of blood and brain matter and vomit! The only "magic" we see is a bit of flash paper and a flower, awkwardly produced in its stead. Oh, and there's a levitation bit, but you can see the lift doing the "levitating." It's as if we are watching an experimental acting troupe's good-hearted but wrong-headed attempt, done on a shoestring budget by a greedy, money-grubbing front office. Or a shell game on the street: give us your money, we'll give you a show alright. What was the director thinking? Again, the actors work really, really hard, praises to them; and sympathies for having to run around in their underwear so much (two of them totally nude: not good, embarrassing, gratuitous), vomit different consistencies of bile, defecate, eat it, believe it or not, and get nasty-nasty dirty. In short, the actors have been massively let down by the management of this lemon, and so will you be if you go. Don't. I'd like my money back.

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Show Information
Booking From: Saturday, 25th June 2016
Booking Until: Saturday, 25th June 2016
Important Info: Contains themes of an adult nature, scenes of sexual violence and nudity.
Show Status: production_closed

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