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Theatre Royal Haymarket
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(5mins) Go along Coventry Street and then take Haymarket on the right where the theatre will be approx. 200 metres along.

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Latest Review: "Comparing it to the film is a little unfair, a live performance has it's own advantages. I thought i..."

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    Friday, 11th Apr 2014 by phil

Comparing it to the film is a little unfair, a live performance has it's own advantages. I thought it was superb,yes maybe some of voices need a bit more venom, and do agree that the walk on parts in the bar became irritating after a while. However the stage setting's where brilliant and cleverly done with the minimum of fuss.Highly recommended.

    Tuesday, 25th Mar 2014 by Watson

I wondered how the theater show would compare to the movies - poor!! The main actor was terrific and held the show together, the main female was ok, often acting seemed forced, lack of material to work with. Kristen's role was very weak, just seemed to be a scene filler. I expected big stuff from the bunny scene, not delivered. The change of ending was a shame as it could have ended on a bang. Would not recommend.

    Monday, 24th Mar 2014 by Angela

This was a more authentic version of the story than the original movie, and was in keeping with the Madam Butterfly theme - except that this time, the guy doesn't get off scott free. There were some teething problems with some of the scenes, such as too many people walking across the stage, etc and some of the delivery didn't work. However we saw it early and it will probably get smoother with time. I hope this play does well as it tells a very important, and somewhat timeless, story.

    Friday, 21st Mar 2014 by Liz

I thought the play was fantastic. I wasn't sure how the adaption of a movie to a play would work out, and it turned out to be incredible. I would definately recommend this play. There was never a dull moment!

    Friday, 21st Mar 2014 by Andrew

The acting is strong from the two leads - Kristen's role is rather soft. Nice staging.

The play though did feel rather drawn out and not enough threat from Kim. Also not enough stage time with all the main actors on stage.

OK production, but nothing special.

    Sunday, 16th Mar 2014 by Clarke

We were at the first night performance, and were a little disappointed.

Our main criticisms were that the dialogue, in American, was a little hard to distinguish at times and delivery wasn't quite up to par in places. The final scene's music was cut so short, as in it resembled a stylus being ripped off a record...so the scene caused a ripple of confusion mixed with humour, rather than having the gravitas it should have had. This was, by then, typical: there were so many characters wandering across the stage who caused a ripple of mirth, which unfortunately completely emptied each respective scene of its tension, which was a pity.

The outcome was interesting and caused me to do a little more research. It also omitted a crucial scene from the original writing, relating to Beth - which it would have been wise to include - as it would have had a more satisfying ending.

I can recommend the play, but I think it needs a little more work on its staging, which drastically let it down.

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