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Lyttelton Theatre, National

Lyttelton Theatre, National
South Bank

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(10mins) Follow signs for exits to the South Bank. This should lead you to an underground pedestrian passage called ‘Sutton Walk’ that emerges at the South Bank. Turn right and walk along the river Thames until you see the National Theat

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Latest Review: "This is a bold, unconventional, original and energetic production with fine performances throughout...."

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    Tuesday, 5th Jan 2016 by Robert Gordon

This is a bold, unconventional, original and energetic production with fine performances throughout. The feminism and fire of the novel are highlighted strongly, but sadly the heart of this production misses the heart of the novel - the complex and simple spirituality of life which Bronte captures in the profound relationship between Jane and Rochester, and the absence of it in her relationship with the fundamentalist St John. Both those relationships are far, far greater and deeper than simple love stories, something this production completely misses in dismissing the moral yearnings and the spirtiual chemistry of these relationships. Feminism, equality, fire and passion are in essence spiritual qualities, and in failing to see this, this produciton dissipates its strength through the vacuum at its core.

    Wednesday, 9th Dec 2015 by david benedictus

what a shame! In so many ways an admirable, affecting and intelligent production but wrecked by the song lyrics. It's always a mistake (in films as well as on stage) to let the songs do the emotional work for you but when the lyrics are so inappropriate - even Noel Coward at one point - one wonders who thought it a good idea. If you must have lyrics Charlotte Bronte wrote some decent ones.

And the ending - although a clever reference back to the start was sentimental and a bit silly.

Excellent performances and staging - as I said what a pity!

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Booking From: Monday, 2nd October 2017
Booking Until: Saturday, 21st October 2017
Show Status: This production is closed

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