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Harold Pinter Theatre

Harold Pinter Theatre
6 Panton Street

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(3mins) Take Coventry Street up to Oxendon Road; the theatre is 100 metres along on the right.

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Latest Review: "outstanding performance by every cast member absolute delight. Best play I have seen for some time. ..."

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    Sunday, 2nd Feb 2014 by jacqui Hall

outstanding performance by every cast member absolute delight.

Best play I have seen for some time.

    Monday, 27th Jan 2014 by MJM

It's a highly charged ensemble piece, brilliantly acted with razor sharp dialogue, about men and masculinity. The play adeptly exposes the shallowness of male posturing when threatened by fear and paranoia. The ending lost me a little bit - perhaps Silver Johnny was really Baby's idealised self. Anyway, outstanding theatre fully deserving of 5 stars.

    Friday, 24th Jan 2014 by LoveLondonTheatre

Left at interval. Never done that before......

    Thursday, 16th Jan 2014 by Sandra

I am a musical theatre lover and only went to keep my 18 year old daughter company! Omg thank The Lord I did. The comedy timing of all of the actors without exception was incredible, obviously they were only delivering the script as written, which was obviously the core of the show but their delivery was amazing. The show had me crying with laughter at times and at other times wanting to jump on the stage and say " stop it" those who have seen the show will know which bit I refer to! I simply do not understand the negative reviews, I can only presume they just " didn't get it! " we loved it so much we have booked for the closing night, 8th Feb and are hoping for some "corpsing" as I'm sure a couple of those guys were near to it at times, it was so funny! In a very dark way!

    Sunday, 5th Jan 2014 by The Wrenmeister

This play may not be for the easily offended due to the constant swearing, however I would argue that it's justified in the dark setting of the play. As a drama student and regular theatre goer, plays don't come much better than this. Incredible dialogue and acting, the play may be character driven but the cast carry it beautifully. The ending is both shocking and satisfying. Me and my sister couldn't help but join people in standing up at the end. Just go and see it if you can!

    Wednesday, 13th Nov 2013 by annie j

Matinee 12/11/13 - thoroughly enjoyed it .Yes - lots of bad language but you are given plenty of warning of what to expect . It was dark ,moody , threatening and funny - not easy to put all that into one play .The audience appeared to be enthralled - you could have heard a pin drop in the quiet dark moments . Top marks for acting/performance go to Colin Morgan ( who I thought was outstanding) and the best new comedy duo on stage - Daniel Mays & Rupert Grint .Excellent afternoons entertainment .

    Friday, 8th Nov 2013 by Lazarus Hands

This was a roller coaster from start to finish, with brilliant music, dark humour and incredible cast that chewed the dialogue to such an intensity bringing alive the 1950s London gangster underworld and spitting it out to a receptive audience who gave them a standing ovation at the end.

    Thursday, 7th Nov 2013 by Ian P

I went to see the performance on the 5th November and thought this was a magnificent return to the stage.The tension and pace of the dialogue was breathtaking.The audience were totally gripped by the performances,and the tremendous cast seemed to be relishing attacking the dark situations spiced with humour,great rock and roll and unease as the characters had their loyalty tested.Really impressed by Rupert Grint as Sweets who is making his theatre debut.He and Daniel Mays as Syd Potts form a hilarious duo at the heart of this twisted tale set in the London gangland underworld.A gleaming raw piece of theatre.Great buzz and comments in the audience in the foyer afterwards.So glad I travelled up to London from Dorset to see it .It has lost none of it's power.

    Thursday, 7th Nov 2013 by Steve Harrison

The "characters" are unbelievable and much of the dialogue takes us nowhere. Yes, they are well known actors but blimey, don't they know it! And, with the exception of Mr Coyle who looked a little embarrassed at the proceedings, I've not seen such scene-stealing since Messers McQueen, Coburn, Bronson et al tried to out do each other in the Magnificent Seven. The Director shouldn't allow such barnstorming and, if it's in his power, he should also cut the inconsequential lines from the play. Which should enable it to run without an interval.

    Thursday, 7th Nov 2013 by Jean

Yes, the acting was good but the play was just awful. Rarely seen people walking out of a performance before. In the programme it was called a comedy but I like to laugh during a comedy. No laughs here, the swearing was plain boring - "oh yes, we haven't mentioned the c--- word, there are other swear words we have to include", there was no-one you could care about and what Bates from Downtown was doing in such rubbish I know not. Why revive a play that should be dead and buried?

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