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Harold Pinter Theatre

Harold Pinter Theatre
6 Panton Street

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(3mins) Take Coventry Street up to Oxendon Road; the theatre is 100 metres along on the right.

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Average Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars based on 32 review(s)


Latest Review: "The sign of a good play is that you are still discussing it well after it has finished. 24 hours ..."

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    Tuesday, 2nd Apr 2013 by Tracey

The sign of a good play is that you are still discussing it well after it has finished. 24 hours are the seeing the production we are still enjoying trying to work out the meaning. The two women were fantastic and although I enjoyed Rufus Sewell's performance I would have preferred him to be more restrained.

    Sunday, 31st Mar 2013 by Luke Dyer

Having never seen Pinter before, my expectations were rather high, and yet were far exceeded. Kirsten Scott Thomas captivated as Kate, whilst Lia Williams provided a light-hearted yet disturbing contrast with her rendition of Anna, and of course Rufus Sewell was excellent as ever. After my second viewing (we agreed we had to see it again!) I was even more intrigued as to how Lia played Kate in almost the same way Kristin did, and yet Anna seemed so much more refined, but each interpretation being equally fascinating. A simplistic yet beautiful production all round.

    Friday, 29th Mar 2013 by Lin

If you are a Philistine, don't go, you'll hate it. If you thrive on thought-provoking culture, you will love it!

    Friday, 29th Mar 2013 by Steph

I was mesmerised throughout. It was exactly what I was hoping for, a play to make you think, but also with some very wry and subtle humour. It's not easy viewing, it's an ambiguous play and there are different interpretations, so you come away wanting to discuss it with other audience members. Having said that, it's not smug or self-consciously "clever", as some "intellectual" plays can be (e.g., love Stoppard, but "Rosencrantz..." is just awful!) I'm not surprised some people didn't enjoy it - Pinter is not to everybody's taste, but I thought it was brilliant!

    Wednesday, 27th Mar 2013 by Rodders

Harold Pinter would have been disappointed with this rendition of the play. 'Old Times' is full of moods and nuances but the director really did not grasp the subtleties. The performance often ebbed when it should have flowed, and flowed when it should have ebbed. Overall it was unbalanced. The performance was not helped by the overacting of the male lead, but I blame the director rather than the actor. Pleased I went, but I could have done a better job!

    Sunday, 24th Mar 2013 by Blue

Fascinating play, have come back multiple times and enjoyed it more each time. KST is magnetic is either role. I am still baffled by the relationships and trying to figure out what is going on. Sewell responds so differently depending on who is playing Anna & Kate which really is delight to watch and compare. After seeing this I'd love to see both KST and Rufus Sewell in more comedy roles.

    Sunday, 24th Mar 2013 by Ploppy son of Ploppy

So boring I nearly ate my own head.

There's a reason that there's no interval, they'd lose 90% of the audience.

    Monday, 18th Mar 2013 by Kelv

We stumbled across this by accident, but really enjoyed the performance. Yes we are still discussing what it was all about, but excellent and captivating acting throughout. I simply don't recognise some of these negative reviews as we enjoyed it so much. Front row seats. £10. Amazing.

    Monday, 11th Mar 2013 by Carole

It would have helped if Rufus Sewell had made it possible for us to hear his dialogue, maybe that would have made the evening easier. As it was, I was totally lost, and in the loo after, found that all the women in the queue couldn't hear him either! What a waste of time and such a shame, as it was meant to be a Mothers Day treat and I'd come to London for the weekend especially to see it.

    Saturday, 9th Mar 2013 by L Williams

This was one of the most tedious plays I have ever seen despite having a first-class cast. The script is tedious, a play about very little which goes nowhere. It was slow and I was bored rigid throughout as I think many others in the audience were too. Not recommened

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Booking From: Thursday, 12th January 2012
Booking Until: Saturday, 6th April 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.30pm

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