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Harold Pinter Theatre

Harold Pinter Theatre
6 Panton Street

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(3mins) Take Coventry Street up to Oxendon Road; the theatre is 100 metres along on the right.

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Latest Review: "The sign of a good play is that you are still discussing it well after it has finished. 24 hours ..."

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    Sunday, 27th Jan 2013 by Norman Wiltshire

Dull, mystifying and completely pointless.

Surprised that such fine actors are in it!

    Sunday, 27th Jan 2013 by James McGarey

What an astonishing show! Such quality actors but such extraordinary pretentious rubbish that as i have ever seen in a London theatre. Completely mystifying most of the audience as to what on earth it was all about.Zero entertainment, i wonder why these fine actors would want to be part of this in-comprehensive twaddle.It felt like my pocket had been picked of £60 for 90 minutes of sheer boredom!

    Saturday, 26th Jan 2013 by Bryan

This was the worst; let me say that again, the worst stage play I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. The audience reaction was more interesting. Many trying to get comfortable to enable sleep, others were fidgeting. Wonderful moment when the cast mooch about the stage in darkened silence to empathize powerful emotions. Suddenly from a male audience member, central stalls, a loud but hushed "oh for gods sake". knew exactly what he meant. Could see Ms Scott Thomas thought the same during the final bow.

    Saturday, 26th Jan 2013 by Steve Richards

Spellbinding performances and the plot defines the word Pinteresque! One of the most gripping and intriguing plays we've seen for years, loved ever minute of it. We did spend an hour in a bar afterwards trying to understand what had happened before resorting to Wikipedia, don't do that before you go...

Intelligent theatre superbly performed, if you don't want to be stretched go to a musical.

    Friday, 25th Jan 2013 by Porfirio Maldonado

This was a bitterly disappointing theatrical experience (which wasn't, to be sure, improved by being in the balcony). Whether or not this is a particularly unsuccessful play of Pinter's remains an open question in my mind, but it is certainly an uninspiring production. Rufus "Ladislaw" Sewell seemed to lose the plot at some point after the "intermission" and could well be accused of mumbling at various points; Anna (as played by Lia Williams) failed to engage; and KST's approach to her character throughout was low-key, to say the least, so much so that it undermined whatever revelatory effect Kate's "climactic" monologue ("I remember you dead...") might have had. All in all, this is a production that is simply banking on the "big names" of its cast members. To be avoided.

    Thursday, 24th Jan 2013 by USA Pete

I have always disliked Pinter - not full of sound nor fury but sure does signify nothing and he did not disappoint again. I saw the play because I do enjoy Kristen Scott Thomas. The play makes the actors wooden - it is way too slow. Scott Thomas and her cohorts could not make this play fly , but an intercontinental missile couldn't either. For a really boring time see the play otherwise look elsewhere.

    Wednesday, 23rd Jan 2013 by peter

Kristan Scott Thomas very disappointing, prolonged pauses didn't help the flow. Rufus Sewell carried the show. Too much strolling around the stage, looking at blank walls. Did not hold my interest.

    Monday, 21st Jan 2013 by Alan Lawrence

Are we really still having difficulty with Pinter? It's brilliant! Best show in town. Don't listen to the cultural slow coaches.

    Monday, 21st Jan 2013 by Adrian Wheeler

I felt like tuning into an old portable TV – I could see the picture and hear the sound but there was too much interference. Too much posturing and "acting" and Sewell's rasping, strangulated voice was like nails on a blackboard. A large light buzzing loudly near us didn't help matters.

Perhaps the set didn't help – everyone upstaging everyone else so dialogue was sort of delivered over the shoulder. Perhaps it would work better in a studio than it does in a big theater. I have to say the un-sayable – I was totally underwhelmed by Ms Scott Thomas

I left not understanding why I didn't understand it – as though I'd missed the first half or something. Rufus Sewell burst into tears and the play ended – perhaps it was on our behalf because it didn't make a blind bit of sense in the play.

    Sunday, 20th Jan 2013 by Phil Adams

I can only agree with the previous two reviews. Despite the good performances of the three cast members, the play was dire. I can only assume there was no interval as, if there had been, the theatre would have been all but empty.

Not at all what I had expected and certainly not worth the effort of braving the awful weather and snowy conditions to see it.

If you like a good play, don't go to see this one.

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Booking From: Thursday, 12th January 2012
Booking Until: Saturday, 6th April 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.30pm

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