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Garrick Theatre (Branagh Theatre)

Garrick Theatre (Branagh Theatre)
2 Charing Cross Road

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Booking From: Saturday, 13th August 2016
Booking Until: Saturday, 13th August 2016
Important Info: Ticket purchases will be limited to a maxium of six tickets per person across all performances. Tickets will be dispatched 2 weeks prior to the performance. Richard Madden will not be returning to Romeo and Juliet before the production completes its run on 13 August. Freddie Fox will play the role of Romeo. 
Show Status: production_closed
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Average Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars based on 15 review(s)


Latest Review: "Matinee Wed 27th.A wonderful production! Well worth a special trip from the Midlands! Fred..."

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    Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2016 by Barbara

Matinee Wed 27th.

A wonderful production! Well worth a special trip from the Midlands! Freddie Fox must be hugely congratulated for both his talent and bravery at taking over the role so successfully with such short notice. Congratulations also to the rest of the cast who supported him and absorbed him into their group so effectively! Derek Jacobi was a magnetic presence as ever especially when insinuating his way around the stage with his 'soft shoe shuffle'! I also loved the innovative set design - the flying pillars creating a multitude of settings. The whole second half was completely mesmeric from Juliet's collapse after taking the potion to her impressive, emotional suicide. Thank you so much for a very special experience! ( What underground trains? I didn't hear any!)

    Friday, 29th Jul 2016 by Ade

Given that Freddie Fox has just taken over he did a superb job at Wednesday afternoon's matinee (27th July) as Romeo. Shame to miss Richard Madden however.

It was not at all sexy as protrayed in the publicity.

Irritating Theatre, The Garrick. Every three minutes or so the enjoyment is frankly spoilt by tube trains running underneath. I kid you not.

Bit of a mega bonus seeing the stunning Douglas Booth (Screen Romeo, Great Expectations etc...) outside the theatre during the intermission. Gorgeous boy.

    Thursday, 28th Jul 2016 by Denise D.

Hugely enjoyable. Freddie Fox deserves all the accolades coming his way. He certainly rose to the occasion as did all the other actors. The second half was mesmeric, at times not a single sound was heard in the theatre, speaks for itself. A truly memorable occasion.

    Tuesday, 12th Jul 2016 by Annie

The people that leave these reviews; did they even watch the performance? I am a huge Shakespeare fan and this was hands down the BEST performance of Romeo and Juliet I have ever watched. The more contemporary modern setting being 1950's Italy added to the tragedy by only further underlining the violence of the era. The older portrayal of Mercuito done so effortlessly by Derek Jacobi brought a new interpretation to the play. James and Madden area classic paring and added their chemistry was beautifully prevalent throughout adding innocence, angst and freshness to the performance. Brannagh's interpretation of the script was handle perfectly; adding fluidity and speed whilst slowing at the most impacting speeches and emphasising the tragic deaths. One to watch if you're a true Shakespeare lover; wanting to add more interpretations to your knowledge.

    Tuesday, 12th Jul 2016 by Megan Harding

As an A Level English Lit student, this was the best production I have ever seen, Shakespeare or otherwise. Whilst normally it's difficult to maintain solid concentration and understanding of the plays no matter how hard you try, this production was so utterly dynamic and effortless that I could not tear my eyes away. Branagh's working of the script was genius, focusing on the flirtatious and reckless aspects of the couple's relationship as well as infusing a stellar comedy cast and a marvellously mature Mercutio, played by Derek Jacobi, whose age brought new meaning to the famous 'Queen Mab' speech, and other parts of his character. Overall, this was an extremely compelling production complete with fantastic setting of 1950s Italy, evoking the strong violent undercurrents of the play. A must see. Lily James and Richard Madden have incredible chemistry and make the characters completely their own.

    Saturday, 9th Jul 2016 by Mike

A dumbed down, poorly acted, poorly directed performance. We couldn't stand it and walked out at the interval. What a contrast with the Winter's Tale, which we thoroughly enjoyed. This Romeo and Juliet was a total waste of money; we got the whole of Opera North's excellent Ring Cycle at the RFH for far less!

    Saturday, 9th Jul 2016 by Jan

I was so disappointed in this production. Having bought expensive tickets for my son's birthday, the performance was completely lacklustre and I have seen much better school productions of this play. The actors showed no passion or any emotion at all. The whole play was rushed and Romeo sounded like he was reading a very boring novel instead of displaying true love of Juliet or hate of his enemies. The characters lacked understanding of the actual parts that they were playing and what on earth was Jocobi doing?

    Saturday, 9th Jul 2016 by Virginia

Great production. Its done differently in parts and all the better for that in my opinion. We only saw great performances from Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Nurse. Loved a bit of humour in the tragedy. People should go and see it and make up their own mind. We only saw the live transmission but look forward to the next. Thank you to all involved.

    Friday, 8th Jul 2016 by Nic Jarman

A refreshing Juliet played by Lily James. Her emotions are full on with no subtlety just as a 14 year old girl would be. Richard Maddens Romeo a little too slick. Ansu Kabia played Tybald as a rough thug in Italian couture and Derek Jacobi starting a fight with him was laughable. Now, Kenneth Brannagh what on earth were you thinking to transmit this play in black and white. Shakespeare and film noir do not work together and never will, it was hidious and then to add insult singing erupted. I cannot think of one good reason why I stayed for the second half.

    Monday, 4th Jul 2016 by Melanie

Was very disappointed on Friday evening. Apart from Juliet, Mercutio and the nurse, who were excellent, the performance was very lacklustre. At times we couldn't hear, and the whole performance was done at such speed we thought the cast were in a hurry for a train. No pauses for emotional effect, I didn't really care by the end. Others nearby left before the interval, some never returned, I could understand why. Romeo might as well have been reading a bus timetable. So sad, was expecting such a great show. Have seen this many times, the RSC with Sean Bean and Niamh Cusack, so maybe I was expecting too much. It needs light and shade, rather than just a load of garbling.

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