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Eventim Apollo

Eventim Apollo
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Take the Piccadilly, District or Hammersmith and City to Hammersmith Station. Hammersmith Apollo is clearly signposted from the station

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Latest Review: "I feel very let down and disappointed by the performance. The aggressive marketing material promised..."

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    Wednesday, 21st Feb 2018 by Sam B

I feel very let down and disappointed by the performance. The aggressive marketing material promised an exceptional and outstanding performance. The testimonials added to that and some video footage showed people "moved to tears". I really thought I would be watching a highly polished theatrical experience akin to Cirque Du Soleil and Riverdance: Chinese Classical dance extravaganza. And at £100 + a ticket I expected the show to deliver. Unfortunately it did not. The 2 opening numbers were a tad clumsy. The CGI visuals felt artificial and unrealistic - like a cheap computer game. It’s 2018 – you should be able to do better with the stage visuals!

The show entails a number of separate performances that have no connection to each other. It was confusing: was it dance / theatre / opera? (sometimes it even felt a bit like panto). None of the performances were that breathtaking and not what I would expect for £100 in the west end. But what really annoyed me is that it became a propaganda vehicle for the Falun Dafa practice. What I object to is the surreptitious way it was brought into the performance. As an audience member I felt uncomfortable as to what the agenda was and by the time we got to the end of the performance I was annoyed as I realised that a large part of the show was a propaganda vehicle for Falun Dafa. This was not what was promised in all the marketing material, it was not what I was expecting and didn't feel like Shen Yun were being honest about what they were offering. It just felt awkward. However, all of this would have been acceptable if the performances were "spectacular". I was expecting something worthy of a Las Vegas and West End stage. At £100 (or more) a ticket I do not think this is an unreasonable expectation. It just was not delivered and the muted clapping response by the audience at the end led me to believe it was universally felt. I just feel like I had been duped and scammed into going to a show that was very different to what was promised and it’s left a bad taste in my mouth.

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