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Latest Review: "A fabulous show with absolutely incredible acting (especially Christopher Boone) and ingenious set d..."

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    Saturday, 31st Jan 2015 by Lozzer

I loved the book, but wasn't sure how it would translate on the boards. But it was truly amazing. Totally absorbed as was the whole audience. The best production I've seen

    Tuesday, 9th Dec 2014 by nikki

I had read the book but would not have booked tickets. My friend treated me and I wasn't that excited to go. I'm so glad she did because it was PHENOMENAL! It is an incredible, visual feast, a real sensory and emotional experience. We laughed and cried, left feeling uplifted and animated about what we'd seen and the thoughts it had provoked. I used to work for a theatre company so got lots of free tickets to shows, this is easily one of the best. The staging is like nothing you will have seen before, and inform the text. The performances are touching with not a bad one in the cast. It is such an exciting delight, don't let it pass you by. I can't wait to go again.

    Wednesday, 26th Nov 2014 by Joanne D

Read the book and was curious to how it would convert into a play but the way it was put together was excellent.The cast were brilliant, if you don't want to and see a musical i recommend this play brilliant...x

    Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014 by Darryl Crusoe

Such an amazing show I could see how devoted the cast was and how hard they had to work to pull off such an inspiring show. Watching the show has given me the motivation I need to try and get into the west end myself, I would love to thank all of the cast and crew for putting on the show.

    Sunday, 19th Oct 2014 by Scattybat

I was really impressed by the way the set worked. I'd been intrigued how the book would be adapted for the stage but the simple graphic cube works really well. Especially liked the secret panels that were opened and the "tube" scene was very effective. Excellent performances. Rat and "Sandy " the dog included.

    Friday, 17th Oct 2014 by Bub harper

we saw this play last night,it was a packed house and the cast was brilliant...Graham Butler was a tour de force...Bravo.!!...

    Thursday, 28th Aug 2014 by David Lazarus

Acting mesmerizing !

Simple story beautifully acted. This is a show one has to see. This really boosted my interest in theatre. Thanks for giving a great theatre experience.

    Tuesday, 12th Aug 2014 by Isobel Taylor

I came out of the show in absolute awe, it was the best show I have seen in a long while. the acting was exceptional, I work with adolescents with Aspergic Spectrum and it was a brilliant and true representation of how they deal with daily life. To add to this the sound and lighting were incredible and complimented the storyline. I cried and laughed all the way through and can definitly appreciate how much time and thought has gone into this production.

    Saturday, 9th Aug 2014 by Anne Roberts

Might have enjoyed it had you kept to your rule to keep children under 13 out. It really is a play for adults.

    Thursday, 31st Jul 2014 by Rita Kibble

Well I think it was too clever for me, but having said that, I may not have appreciated how good it was. I thought it was extremely well portrayed, I have not read the book, so that may have had an influence on my opinion. I so wish I could have appreciated it more

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Booking From: Wednesday, 18th November 2020
Booking Until: Sunday, 10th January 2021
Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Age Restriction: Recommended Age: 11+. Under 5's and babies in arms will not be admitted.
Important Info: This production contains strobe lighting, smoke effects, high intensity video & light effects, and loud sound effects. Suitable for 11yrs+ There is some strong language in this production, as there is in the novel. This occurs at the very beginning of the show and infrequently at other points during the show. Latecomers will be asked to wait whilst watching the latecomers' monitor until a scene called ‘The Street’ before being allowed into the auditorium. This is approximately 15 minutes into Act 1. Audience members arriving after this time will be required to wait until the interval.
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