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Vaudeville Theatre

Vaudeville Theatre
404 Strand

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(5mins) Head out onto the main road Strand. Cross street where possible and go right 100 metres – it’s just after the Adelphi Theatre.

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Latest Review: "Highly enjoyable, silly fun! Ben Miller's brilliant & I especially enjoyed the ageing, na..."

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    Saturday, 21st Dec 2013 by Steve

Highly enjoyable, silly fun! Ben Miller's brilliant & I especially enjoyed the ageing, nappy wearing 'Tory Boy' being spanked with a copy of the Lisburn treaty!

    Sunday, 8th Dec 2013 by Peter H.

Probably the worst thing I have seen on stage in nearly 50 years of theatregoing. Appallingly badly written, a regurgitation of every 10th rate political "joke" of the past 5 years, a cliché-laden conglomeration of every farce item of the last 100 years (girls in undies, man hiding in cupboard, custard pies, trousers round ankles, doors slamming left right and centre, silly foreign accents, mistaken identiities, God it was awful).

The saddest thing was that the majority of the audience thought it was funny. It's saying something when the funniest thing in a comedy is the appearance of two people dressed as pandas.

    Friday, 29th Nov 2013 by Richard Wheeler

I was at the first night at the Vaudeville in London on the 27th. I haven't seen such a brilliant farce in years. Tremendous fun.

Well acted and great timing.

    Friday, 15th Nov 2013 by Joan Ashton

Saw this play in Nottingham last night. I can't remember when I last laughed so much. The acting was amazing, particularly their timing. Would recommend this farce to anyone.

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