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Playhouse Theatre

Playhouse Theatre
Northumberland Avenue

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(2mins) Follow Embankment Place right under the bridge; turn right onto Northumberland Avenue and you’ll see the theatre.

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Booking From: Friday, 13th May 2016
Booking Until: Saturday, 14th May 2016
Age Restriction: Please note the play contains strong language and adult content that may not be suitable for younger audiences. Recommended age 15+ 
Show Status: production_closed
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Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 15 review(s)


Latest Review: "Love it - found it very compelling and entertaining - ignore the critics - defiantly a five star ..."

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    Friday, 12th Feb 2016 by Melanie Lambert

I went with very low expectations and was somewhat surprised when I realised what a great time I was having ... from the very start it was laugh out loud funny and very engaging, I actually cared about the 4 characters and what happened to them. Well acted, brilliantly funny, emotionally engaging and a great night out. I loved it so much I booked to see it again.

    Saturday, 6th Feb 2016 by Vida

If all the stars aligned, and you are lucky enough to meet that one person, who can make you laugh, make you feel good about being you, and who adores absolutely every part of you, how long would you wait, how long would you let life's imperfect circumstances stand in your way, until you finally make the life-changing decision, to give them your heart? That is the question posed in this new play, The End of Longing, written by Matthew Perry.

A series of events take place in the lives of four characters that ultimately lead them to deal with the matters of the heart and life being either fulfilled or wasted. Time is a major theme of the play. It is constantly there, putting pressure on the characters to question the life decisions that they've made. But the play also has an interesting twist of charm with lots of hilariously funny moments that only Matthew Perry can deliver and intersperse very well in between the dramatic moments of the play, with his unique, comedic style and spot-on timing. Though the story itself is not autobiographical, it is obviously material that he is personally connected to which you can appreciate when his character finally makes a pivotal life decision. At the end of the evening, I was left with a poignant telling of four peoples' lives drawn from real, raw emotions of the writer's experience. A very touching, and a very real look at life, when, in the middle of all of life's hustle and bustle, you finally take the time to just simply stop, look around you, and smell the "yellow" flowers.

    Friday, 5th Feb 2016 by L Perry

Good mix of humour and thought provoking. Laugh out loud moments throughout.

Loved how only four actors had such an impact.

Would definitely recommend.

    Thursday, 4th Feb 2016 by Peter Deburry

I really wanted to love The End of Longing, Matt Perry is a nice guy and I was rooting for him. The cards were pretty much stacked in his favour on the second night at the Playhouse, the curtain rose to a roar from exited Chandler fans. It wasn’t a sign of the quality to come.

The script, penned by Perry over the course of 10 days (with a year for “revisions”), was virtually unusable. Clichés abound. The dialogue was supremely straightforward, the plot so wholly unencumbered with nuance it completely fails to catch even the most irregular of theatre goers by the scruff of the neck.

Most people shelling out £30 - £120 for a two hour performance want to come away feeling affected. In most cases they want to feel something deeper than a good session with a Friends box set, unfortunately I didn’t.

There was a slight reprieve from an otherwise dire evening. On the whole all four members of the cast conducted themselves pretty well. Bits were genuinely funny, but one can’t help feeling that was down to Perry and Co’s skill as actors, rather than the god awful lines they were forced to spit out.

    Wednesday, 3rd Feb 2016 by Jim

This play moved at a good pace covering the humorous attempts of four flawed characters trying to get along in life. Saw opening night and the cast seemed to build into their roles as the show progressed. The audience was fully engaged laughing and cheering at many points for the show. A complex story told with ironic simplicity - a win for Matthew Perry.

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