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Phoenix Theatre

Phoenix Theatre
Charing Cross Road

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(3mins) Take Tottenham Court Road south (towards Leicester Square) and the theatre will be on your left after 100 metres.

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Latest Review: "Absolutely brilliant !! A Shocking and scary ,great theatre experience indeed! ..."

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    Thursday, 4th Jan 2018 by Jane

Absolutely brilliant !! A

Shocking and scary ,great theatre experience indeed!

    Thursday, 26th Oct 2017 by ?jackie

So saw this on Saturday .I thought that the young girl played a great part in this play and some of the effects were good .however we played 75.00 each on to let which I think was a bit pricier for th I s show

    Sunday, 22nd Oct 2017 by Ian

SPOILER ALERTS INCLUDED..Yesterday I saw the Exorcist at the Phoenix Theatre. I was very disappointed with the show. Firstly the actors, namely Peter Bowles & Jenny Seagrove, both seasoned actors, but I had trouble hearing their voices as they did not project & I was near the front.

The effects were ok but could have been far far greater & I think the creatives have missed a trick here, as this show has the potential to be truly great. I remember seeing shows 20 yrs ago even in regional theatres like the Thorndike Theatre in Leatherhead, where they had more effects & imagination on a far lesser budget.

I was expecting more of a degradation in Regan's character each time the play moved to the bedroom scene, but she reached a point where the character remained the same & became boring. I understand it maybe difficult to apply make up to Regan during the performance but it could build and build by using her voice, ramping up the sound & vocabulary etc. She was a great physical actor but all I saw was a change of wig. This could have the potential to build to a REAL crescendo, especially at the end when Damian Carras character is finally possessed, (this was extremely weak) He was rolling about a bit & I just about noticed a bit of blood on his face only as I was in the stalls. This was probably missed by people in the circle area. Why, why, why not use the window. To see Damian at the front of the stage really wrestle with the possession could have been incredibly dramatic, & then find a way to fling him self through the window with a shattering of glass would have been a more fitting end. I'm sure the production team could afford a mattress for Carras to fall on. I believe this show runs till March. I think there could still be time to tinker with this production. At the moment I cant recommend this play to anyone, but I would love to see it again next yr. but maybe in a different guise. Ian

    Saturday, 21st Oct 2017 by C Cole

The voice-over of the devil, which I believe is Ian McKellen, is the best part of this London production at the Phoenix. Credit should be given to the staging and sound design. But this isn't enough to save a horrible script that still desperately needs work - the first half is all choppy vignettes that are confusing to those who have never seen the film and tonally wrong for those who have. It doesn't get on track until the second half but even then the poor actors are struggling with this weak script. Considering how well-paced and deeply frightening the book and the film were, this is an embarrassment. Reagan, the uncle and the elderly priest manage to rise above the others who are unable to be convincing. It's best if you don't think of this as theatre - just go the way you go to see a bad film at Halloween - to go along to enjoy the shlock.

    Saturday, 12th Aug 2017 by F fagan

Shown earlier this year at Birmingham rep

Brilliant production film very hard act to follow

But engrossed throughout

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Show Information
Booking From: Friday, 9th March 2018
Booking Until: Saturday, 10th March 2018
Age Restriction: Recommended age guidance 18+
Important Info: This production contains material which may shock and offend. 
Show Status: This production is closed

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