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Trafalgar Studio One

Trafalgar Studio One
14 Whitehall

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(5mins) Head left on the main road Strand. Follow Trafalgar Square around onto Whitehall and the theatre’s on your right.

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Latest Review: "Absolutely dreadful, bored senseless! As someone else has already said, if it had been the 6th for..."

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    Friday, 12th May 2017 by Barry

Absolutely dreadful, bored senseless! As someone else has already said, if it had been the 6th form play it was passable, but this was shockingly bad. Nothing else to say!

    Saturday, 6th May 2017 by Shaun

Terrible! £80 per ticket! I wish I had donated the money to charity. Weak script, uninspired actors, poor performance . We left at the interval. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

    Thursday, 20th Apr 2017 by Susan

I saw it last week, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was with a small group of friends who enjoyed it too. Interestingly, comments were made about how well the cast projected their voices without mics.

Lily Cole was no longer indisposed (I overheard at interval that she'd been thoroughly ill) and she was thankfully in fine form, it was possible to see Araminta and forget Lily Cole. I would have given it 5 stars if it were not for my own problem with being a bit slow to grasp it at the outset but I did catch up! Well worth seeing.

    Thursday, 20th Apr 2017 by Paul

Oh. Either short of rehearsal time or a cast that really does not gel and spark off each other at all. Had I been watching an "A' level drama performance I would have been quite impressed - no-one bumped into the furniture and for the most part they knew their lines (if not their cues). But uncomfortable to watch at times because it was ragged, flat and underprepared. And you are left with the feeling that the director cast not the actors but their most famous TV characters. As if Simon Bird as Philip was asked to play him as Will from InBetweeners. Matt Berry was asked to be Steven Toast. Tom Rosenthal was asked to play his character from Friday Night Dinner. And Lily Cole - well heaven alone knows what the director had in mind there. I fear not her ability to capture a character with any conviction or depth. Hmm. I don't think the press are going to be kind.

    Tuesday, 18th Apr 2017 by Wendoverman

Oh dear. A good young cast (and as we found at the stage door very nice people) struggle with a strange wordy play that had absolutely nothing to say about anything. A tremendous effort to play intellectuals, struggling with ciggies as they banged on amusingly and looked as if they knew what the buggering hell they were talking about AND that it meant something was exhausting to watch. There seemed to be a lot of noise coming from off-stage distracting the actors late on and poor old Simon struggled with his solo speech, there were too many amdram gaps as people waited for the next person to speak and only Matt Berry in a small but Matt Berryish part really carried it off. Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal and Charlotte Richie gave it a good go...lily Cole was...well...there. Not sure what it was that attracted Simon Callow to this...but this cast in another, funnier play might have worked. Fingers crossed I just saw a bad night or it's a long time until July.

    Thursday, 6th Apr 2017 by Barry

All too obvious that the cast are used to working on TV with close mics. Although their diction was OK none of them were projecting - not even Matt Berry (who sounds so stentorian on TV).

Lilly Cole was 'indisposed'.

Generally a rather anemic evening. I'm glad I was there on a Time Out special offer price.

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Booking From: Tuesday, 18th July 2017
Booking Until: Saturday, 22nd July 2017
Show Status: This production is closed

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