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Troubadour Theatre - Wembley

Troubadour Theatre - Wembley
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Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 72 review(s)


Latest Review: "After many years of wanting to see War Horse, finally got round to doing so at the Wembley Park Thea..."

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    Thursday, 3rd Oct 2013 by Kevin Bley

Such a touching story. I cried many times. Not sure why the negative comments about the puppeteers; one only needs to tap into their imagination a little further and the puppeteers, well, they disappear.

    Saturday, 21st Sep 2013 by George Liam Donaldson

I love war horse its amazing there is so much beauty.

    Friday, 6th Sep 2013 by Bob Gregory

I am glad that I saw this play and I can recommend it to others.

I was, however, rather disappointed with the animation of the horses - particularly Joey. I saw the "Making of warhorse" documentary on the TV a year or so ago and the animation of the horses was breathtaking. In the stage performance I saw this was not the case. Joey's back legs were unconvincing - a bit "Muffin the Mule".

Like others, I was disappointed that the puppeteers were in period costume and not in black.

I also saw no point in the extensive use of French and German. It detracted from the story; I have 'O' level French and German but I did not know what was being said for quite a large part of the play.

That aside the production was superb; the evocation of World War I was excellent. I was completely enthralled. If you get the chance - watch it! The whole production is greater than the sum of its parts.

    Sunday, 12th May 2013 by Maureen Mason

This was our first London show but we were a bit dissapointed with it. The horses and the puppeteers were amazing and blew us away but we thought it would have had more of an impact if the puppeteers were in black and less obvious. At times the horses appeared real but then all the puppeteers were clearly visable, it spoilt the effect for us.

Also we thought the scenes first with the german and the french girl, and then with the other german officer were lost on us as we could,nt understand the language.

The floor of the stage and the backdrop was black and did'nt change at all. We were expecting imaginative scenery or at least a visual experience.

We appreciate this was not a musical, more of an artistic interpretation, but it did'nt give us the WOW factor we were expecting.

    Thursday, 25th Apr 2013 by chris

the most amazing thing we have ever seen, and yes we cried lol the staff were most helpful as my husband had a hard time with the stairs and they moved our seat to row I on the end , we had a great view and plenty of leg room.

    Tuesday, 12th Mar 2013 by Brian Ladd

Myself and family would rate the production 5 but the theatre we would not even give a 1. We were in the circle and found no leg room and no aircon very uncomfortable seats war horse deserves a decent venue what agreat pity. I have never complained before but this theatre is appalling shame.

    Tuesday, 5th Mar 2013 by Jcb

Omg war horse is amazing I'm not one for crying but that performance really tugged on my heart strings but I didn't cry if you have read the book and enjoyed it the performance is very good not as good as the book but worth seeing . Enjoy when you go if you go.

    Tuesday, 19th Feb 2013 by Andrew

This theatre has really good seating to watch the show. Nice balance of story, music and acting. Its a simple story, but the pupperty is amazing and a well told story. Worth catching as one of the best plays in London, although doesn't always hold up to repeat viewing.

    Monday, 11th Feb 2013 by Shanice Gayfer

Oh My Gosh! WarHorse is AMAZING! i went to see the show with my school and i LOVED IT! the costumes, lighting, sound, and actors were outstanding and is the best show i have seen ever! i couldn't believe how great it was and it was really touching and in my opinion i think it is better that the book and the film. 5 stars all the way, a must see!!!!

    Monday, 11th Feb 2013 by Susan Harris

fantastic show - highly recommed seeing.

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Booking From: Tuesday, 19th November 2019
Booking Until: Saturday, 23rd November 2019
Running Time: 2 hours 45 minutes including interval
Age Restriction: No under 5's. Reccomended Age 10+.
Important Info: Latecomers permitted at certain points. The show contains loud sound FX, gunfire, flashing lights and strobe lighting
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