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Alexandra Burke Could Appear in The Bodyguard in the West End

Monday, 30th May 2011  

Singer Could Take on the Whitney Houston Role from the 1992 Movie

It won’t be the first time that a well known popstar has decided to head to the West End – just ask Mel C following her appearance in “Blood Brothers” or Duncan James from Blue following his appearances in “Chicago” and “Legally Blonde” – and this tradition could follow through to the rumoured production of “The Bodyguard”. According to the Sun newspaper, former “X Factor” winner Alexandra Burke could be appearing in the production and stepping into the role made famous by Whitney Houston in the 1992 movie.

It’s not a done-deal by any means and Burke has plenty to be getting on with if she turns it down, but it does mean that the West End will be granted yet another high profile production for audiences to feast on. Burke won the talent show in 2008 and earned a number one single with her cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, before releasing the album “Overcome” in 2009. As a result she stands up amongst acts like Leona Lewis as a former “X Factor” winner that has managed to carve a successful career in the spotlight.

“The Bodyguard” is a well known movie from 1992 that saw Whitney Houston star alongside Kevin Costner, the former portraying a fictional music star and the latter her bodyguard. Costner is tasked with protecting her from a stalker and thanks to his success in this area she begins to fall in love with him. But ultimately he has a duty to protect her and whilst they have strong feelings for one another they must put them aside for him to carry out his task successfully. The film is also well known for the soundtrack song “I Will Always Love You”, which was sung by Houston.

The show would be one of many in the capital to be based on a successful movie. This year sees the release of “Ghost The Musical” in the capital, in addition to “Shrek The Musical” and “The Wizard Of Oz” – the latter of which is actually based on L Frank Baum’s book, but most famous for its 1939 movie.

The show is tipped to appear in 2012 during the time of the London Olympics.

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