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America Ferrera in Chicago at the Garrick Theatre

Thursday, 13th Oct 2011  

The Ugly Betty Star Appearing in the Re-Opening Chicago From November 2011

It has been revealed that when “Chicago the Musical” re-opens its West End doors in November it will do so with a familiar face in the role of Roxie Hart. America Ferrera will be taking to the stage in the production from November, ensuring that fans of her appearances in the popular television series “Ugly Betty” will be picking up Theatre Tickets to witness the show first hand. It has also been announced that Broadway star Amra-Faye Wright will be appearing as Velma Kelly.

“Chicago” closed its doors at its former home of the Cambridge Theatre in August in order for “Matilda The Musical” to replace it following that show’s appearance at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. It was then revealed that the production would find a new West End home so that its long run in the capital could continue and this new home has been revealed as the Garrick Theatre, where its run begins on Monday 7th November 2011 (and with a booking period that goes to January 2013 producers clearly have confidence that the show will continue to draw in London theatre crowds).

America Ferrera is best known around the world for her portrayal of Betty Suarez in the American television show “Ugly Betty”, for which she has won numerous awards – including a Golden Globe. However she has also appeared in various other television programmes in addition to numerous movies. Her big screen credits include “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”, “Lords of Dogtown”, “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2” and “How to Train Your Dragon”, among others, whilst her television credits include “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “The Good Wife”.

“Chicago the Musical” is based on the 1926 play by Maurice Dallas Watkins and tells the story of Roxie Hart, who is thrown in jail for the murder of her husband and whilst there she meets the Vaudevillian performer Velma Kelly, who murdered her husband-stealing sister. The pair strike up a friendship and, both wanting a place in the spotlight, employ the help of sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn to help them in their bid for freedom.

“Chicago” begins its new run at the Garrick Theatre on Monday 7th November 2011 and its run then continues to Saturday 26th January 2013.

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