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Ellen Greene in Betwixt at the Trafalgar Studios 2

Sunday, 19th Jun 2011  

Well Known Star of the Stage Heading to the Latest Show at the West End Venue

The latest casting announcement to come out of the West End concerns the upcoming production at the Trafalgar Studios 2. “Betwixt!” was announced earlier in the year and little has been heard about it since it was announced that Steven Webb would be taking on a lead role in the production. However, another cast member has been added to the growing list of names and this time it is the turn of Ellen Greene to step into the limelight as she takes on three roles - the Enchantress, the Princess and the Nymph Queen.

Ellen Greene is a well known name in the theatre world, having appeared in a range of productions on both sides of the Atlantic. The American actress is perhaps best known for her role in the movie version of “Little Shop of Horrors”, though she has also appeared in “Pushing Daisies”, “Heroes” and “Law & Order”. For the stage she appeared in the “Little Shop of Horrors” in the West End, “Torch!” at the New Players Theatre (now the Charing Cross Theatre) and “The Three Penny Opera” on Broadway, which saw her nominated for a Tony Award.

“Betwixt!” will be a unique play in the West End when it opens in July and focuses on two flatmates (one of which is portrayed by the mentioned Steven Webb) in New York City. One of the characters is Bailey and he is a man struggling with writer’s block, whilst the other man is Cooper Fitzgerald who is his flamboyant roommate. They soon learn of a strange prophecy that tells of a brave hero and a great queen and as this fits their description they are tasked with finding a daytime television star and in the process complete an important quest.  Strange incidents are happened-upon bizarre items are discovered – including a disembodied head.

Other shows actors appearing in the show include Ashleigh Gray and Benedict Salter, with direction from Ian MacFarlane.

“Betwixt!” appears at Trafalgar Studios 2 following productions like “Belongings”, which ends its run in July. The former runs from Thursday 28th July 2011 (previews from Tuesday 26th July 2011) to Saturday 20th August 2011.

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