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Extensions for Motown and School Of Rock

Sunday, 20th Aug 2017

Motown the Musical - Shaftesbury Theatre

For the latest announced booking extensions coming from the West End, we cast our minds forward to 2019 as two production reveal dates up to January of that year. Few might be thinking that far ahead, but if they are planning a trip to London’s West End they can now choose such dates.

Motown the Musical and School of Rock, both relatively new additions to the West End line-up when compared to the likes of Les Misérables and The Lion King, are the shows announcing extensions, demonstrating their ongoing popularity.

Motown The Musical does exactly what it says on the tin; it is a musical celebrating the famous Detroit record label that features an array of songs from some of the biggest music legends of the 20th century.

The jukebox musical joins a host of other celebratory musicals in the capital like Thriller Live and Dreamgirls, demonstrating the enduring admiration such shows receive.

It opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre back in February of last year and is showing no signs of slowing down. Its booking extension takes it to Saturday 5th January 2019, but look out for further extensions further down the line.

Meanwhile, School Of Rock also celebrates a musical style – in this case rock – as it retells the story popularised by the Jack Black film of the same name.
The show focuses on the character of Dewey Finn, who is down-on-his-luck following the expulsion from his band. Stealing his housemate’s identity, he poses as a substitute teacher and promptly turns his students into rock legends, training them for the upcoming battle of the bands.

Gary Trainor plays the parts of Dewey Finn, having taken over the role from David Fynn earlier in the year, and he is joined by the likes of Florence Andrews and Preeya Kalidas, amongst various others (including an army of child actors).

School Of Rock continues to entertain audiences at the New London theatre and has extended slightly further than Motown The Musical, with performances taking it up to Sunday 13th January 2019.

Chris Packer
Chris Packer Chris Packer has been writing about the West End for many years and wishes this knowledge would help him win some pub quizzes. When he’s not writing about the newest shows he’s probably watching films or anticipating the latest releases.