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Extensions for The Woman In Black and Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

Monday, 1st Aug 2016

Once again we take a look at some of the shows that have proven popular enough at their respective homes to add new dates, giving audiences more chances to pick up tickets and get in line. The Woman in Black and Showstopper! The Improvised Musical are the two shows on the agenda on this occasion, with the former extending to September 2017 and the latter to this December.

The Woman In Black is the classic play running at the Fortune Theatre that was penned by Stephen Mallatratt and adapted from the book by Susan Hill. It tells the story of solicitor Arthur Kipps, who recounts a particularly chilling case to an actor playing him onstage. As such we flash back to his youth when he was a trainee heading out to the marshes for the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow. Whilst there he witnesses a spectral woman in black at the ceremony and the locals will not talk about it, leading him to Eel Marsh House, where the answers might lie.

The popular book was penned in 1983 and this stage adaption opened later in the decade in 1987 in Scarborough before transferring to the West End’s Fortune Theatre in 1989 where it remains to this day. It is now booking there until Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Meanwhile, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical is a more recent addition to the West End, having opened at the Lyric Theatre in February 2016 (following runs at the Apollo Theatre and on South Bank). It does exactly what it says in the title, with the cast of the show thinking up an ambitious plot to perform onstage, with music, choreography and more plucked from the air on the night of the show, making for a unique performance night after night.

It is a critically acclaimed hit and the recipient of numerous awards and nominations, so it is no surprise that it has added more dates to its run at the Lyric Theatre so audiences now have until December to make sure they witness it first-hand.

Chris Packer
Chris Packer Chris Packer has been writing about the West End for many years and wishes this knowledge would help him win some pub quizzes. When he’s not writing about the newest shows he’s probably watching films or anticipating the latest releases.