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Golem by 1927 at the Trafalgar Studios 1

Saturday, 4th Apr 2015  

The Show Stars Charlotte Dubery and Others with Direction from Suzanne Andrade

The Trafalgar Studios finds itself back in the spotlight this month. However, whilst its usual announcements of late have been related to its hugely successful Trafalgar Transformed season from director Jamie Lloyd, this time it is a transfer of a production from the Young Vic Theatre. Suzanne Andrade will direct Golem at the venue from April and, just as it did at the Young Vic, it will feature performances from the likes of Charlotte Dubery, Will Close and others.

The venue is currently the home of The Ruling Class, with James McAvoy making his second appearance as part of Trafalgar Transformed, and it hands over to the father for a brief run prior to Golem when the former production finishes in April.

In Golem we meet the character of Robert Robertson and through the course of the show we witness his loss of control when he takes on a Golem to help him with day-to-day tasks. He begins with the original model, but it’s when he decides to take a step up to the Golem 2 that things start to go wrong.

When the show ran at first in Austria and then appeared at the Young Vic in Lambeth over the Christmas season, where it proved not only successful with the box office, but with critics as well, with positive reviews allowing it great interest up to its January end-date. The production team behind Golem is 1927, a Hackney-based group that has previously staged highly acclaimed pieces around the country and has been the recipient of awards.

Actress Charlotte Dubery has appeared in various previous theatrical productions and might be most recognisable to audiences for her appearance in the kid’s show The Elephantom at the National Theatre and New London theatre. She has also appeared in the likes of The Birthday Party on a UK tour.

As well as Dubery and the mentioned Close, the cast also includes Shamira Turner, Lillian Henley and Rose Robinson.

Golem runs at Trafalgar Studios 1 from Wednesday 22nd April 2015 (previews from Tuesday 14th April 2015) to Friday 22nd May 2015. 

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