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Graham Linehan’s The Ladykillers at the Vaudeville Theatre

Wednesday, 13th Mar 2013  

The Production Is Returning To The West End Following Its Run At The Gielgud Theatre In 2011

Back in 2011 a new production of The Ladykillers, based on the Ealing comedy of the same name, made its way to the Gielgud Theatre in the West End following a run at the Liverpool Playhouse. Shepherded by Father Ted and The IT Crowd writer Graham Linehan, the show would prove to be a huge success, which translated into a lot of attention at the following Laurence Olivier Awards.

The show closed in April 2012 and today it is announced that it won’t be the last we hear of that high profile show as it has been confirmed for a West End return in the summer, this time at the Vaudeville Theatre, currently the home of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

William Rose’s The Ladykillers first emerged in the mid 1950s with Alec Guinness among those appearing onscreen. Considered a classic, the story remains intact as it heads to the stage as we focus on a group of thieves that have a scheme to steal a large sum of money. In order to plan the theft the ringleader takes up residence in the home of a sweet and innocent old lady, subsequently getting her involved with the crime without her knowledge. Eventually, however, she wises up to the situation and they soon come to discover how hard it is to dispose of her if they want to keep all of the loot.

Those with theatre tickets will likely be drawn to the production thanks to the involvement of Linehan as much as it being a classic story. The Irish writer has been behind a wealth of comedies to hit television screens over the last few decades, from the renowned Father Ted to the cult favourite Black Books and recent hit The IT Crowd. He has also written for various other television comedies, with the likes of The Fast Show and Brass Eye.

Under the direction of Sean Foley, The Ladykillers will run at the Vaudeville Theatre from Tuesday 9th July 2013 (previews from Saturday 29th June 2013) and initially continue to Saturday 26th October 2013.  

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