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Hoosiers hail new direction

Wednesday, 4th Aug 2010

The Hoosiers have revealed why they shifted their musical direction with their latest record.

Irwin Sparkes, the band's frontman, said guitar-based music was in vogue when they first rose to prominence in 2007.

However, he told the Metro that the music scene has changed since then, which means The Hoosiers need to move with the times.

"We didn't want to come back with the same sound - pop isn't what it was three years ago," Sparkes commented.

The band have meanwhile admitted they suffered a serious case of writer's block when they started work on their new album The Illusion of Safety.

However, they said things eventually clicked and songs started coming together.

Writing in the Daily Star, The Hoosiers stated that the new record sounds more organic and features more intricate arrangements.

The band added that they do not think they have hit their peak as musicians yet, but hope it will happen on their third album.

By Jemma Howard

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