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Horrible Histories’ Barmy Britain – Part Two at the Garrick Theatre

Sunday, 28th Apr 2013  

Barmy Britain – Part One Returns to the West End First in the Summer, with Part Two Following in September 2013

Audiences that enjoyed Horrible Histories when it returned to the West End last summer will be happy to know that the show is coming back and now not only will they get a chance to witness Barmy Britain as they saw it last year, they will also get the chance to witness its follow up. Now called Barmy Britain Part One, the original is set to run from mid-August with the new follow-up called Barmy Britain Part Two following it from September to January 2014 at the Garrick Theatre.

A new series of stories are ready to be told in Barmy Britain Part Two, with Terry Deary presenting an array of humorous facts and more. Among the historical figures set to be portrayed are William Wallace, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. It follows from Part One, which featured Guy Fawkes, Henry VIII, plus figures from Roman and Georgian times as well.

It is an ongoing part of the Horrible Histories brand, which has already seen an array of books and television shows make their way to the hearts of children across the country.

Terry Deary pens the show and he does so having played a leading part in establishing Horrible Histories as books. Alongside Peter Hepplewhite and Neil Tonge he has penned various editions of the series. It began in the early 1990s with the likes of The Terrible Tudors and The Awesome Egyptians, leading to the television series and also these stage productions.

Prior to Barmy Britain, Horrible Histories has also presented Terrible Tudors, Vile Victorians, The Blitzed Brits and The Frightful First World War, among others. All of these, along with Barmy Britain, have been staged in various locations around the country by the Birmingham Stage Company.

The Garrick Theatre is usually the home of Rock of Ages, with Horrible Histories Barmy Britain likely taking place in daytimes. Part One will run from Wednesday 7th August 2013 to Sunday 1st September 2013, whilst Part Two replaces it from Thursday 26th September 2013 to Sunday 5th January 2014.

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