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How The Book Of Mormon Has Taken The West End By Storm

Tuesday, 1st Sep 2015  

Who would have thought that the 2 men behind the South Park phenomenon would go on to produce a legendary theatre musical? With The Book of Mormon being hailed as one of the greatest modern-day musicals, the show has won 9 Tony Awards including the coveted “Best Musical” accolade. So what is it that makes this show an absolute must-see?

The story tells the tale of 2 Mormon missionaries who head to a remote village in Uganda in the hope of trying to convert the locals to the Mormon religion. Their intentions may be good, but they soon find they have trouble connecting with the locals who are having to deal with the more pressing concerns of famine, AIDS and war.

Perhaps it’s the satirical humour and timing that only Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, know how to script so effortlessly. The fact that only one of the young missionaries sent to Uganda has read the scripture is amusing to say the least! The comedy value in this musical is exactly what has critics praising this show, and with a ludicrous story line and some rather controversial moments, this is a musical that will keep you on your toes and make you laugh out loud. Oh, and let’s not forget the swearing too; there’s lots of it.

You might assume that Parker and Stone’s move into musicals is a rather odd choice, but think back to South Park’s hit songs in the 1990s when a full album was released with songs from the “Bigger, Louder Uncut” movie. The creators of The Book of Mormon have, actually, more musical credentials than you would first think.

It took nearly 7 years for this show to come to fruition and when it opened on Broadway in 2011 it set ticket sales records for the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. Across the pond at the West End, the show premiered in 2013 and earned fantastic reviews as soon as it opened. In fact, it broke the West End record of over £2m in ticket sales in just 14 hours. This proves, if nothing else, that a fantastic run on Broadway almost guarantees success in the West End and The Book of Mormon has wowed audiences for nearly 5 years with its perfect blend of humour and thought-provoking moments all wrapped up in a unique theatre musical.

With a growing fanbase, this is sure to be a West End show that runs for a long time and become a theatre staple just like Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables or Cats. Book your tickets for The Book of Mormon today.

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