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Irish Blood, English Heart at the Trafalgar Studios

Saturday, 2nd Apr 2011  

A West End Transfer for The Union Theatre Production

The Trafalgar Studios 2, currently the home of “Lidless” and soon to be home of Ella Hickson’s “Precious Little Talent”, will soon be welcoming “Irish Blood, English Heart” to its stage for a brief appearance in May. The production will be appearing after Ella Hickson’s new play has finished its run throughout April with Caitriona McLaughlin stepping into the director’s chair and a cast led by Oliver Gilbert. It will be a chance for London theatre audiences to witness the latest play from Darren Murphy, which originally appeared at the Union Theatre.

“Irish Blood, English Heart” focuses on the characters of Ray and Con, two brothers that meet one another following the death of their father. Ray is a successful and sought-after comedian whilst Con is a London taxi-driver whose ego is bruised by Ray’s success and who is struggling in his attempts to keep his family afloat. When they meet it is in a mysterious lock-up and here they strive to understand which of them is representative of their father in his life and with it who holds his emotional legacy.

Director Caitriona McLaughlin is an actor and director whose work spans television and theatre, with previous stints as an actor at the Union Theatre (“The Tinker’s Wedding”) and the Riverside Theatre (“Crown Matrimonial”). As a director her credits include “Irish Blood, English Heart” at the Union Theatre, “Bottom of the World” at the Atlantic Theater in New York and various productions that have appeared across the country, from Edinburgh to London. She directs the Trafalgar Studios 2 transfer with designs by Francesca Rodigues and sound by Bertram Knappitsch.

Her cast, as well as the mentioned Oliver Gilbert, includes Ian Groombridge, Howard Teale and Carolyn Tomkinson.

The Trafalgar Studios is currently home to “Lidless”, the story of an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay who took pills to forget her role in the facility, whose past comes back to haunt her when she is visited by a former inmate. It is followed by “Precious Little Talent”, concerning a graduate that finds new hope in life when she meets someone on the other side of the Atlantic when she is reuniting with her estranged father. Meanwhile, over at Trafalgar Studios 1, “End Of The Rainbow” continues its acclaimed run until May.

Irish Blood, English Heart is at Trafalgar Studios 2 from Monday 2nd May 2011 to Saturday 21st May 2011.

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