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It's a Standing Ovation for Nicole Kidman in Photograph 51

Tuesday, 8th Sep 2015  

 After appearing in David Hare’s play The Blue Room 17 years ago, Nicole Kidman has made a triumphant return to the West End in the starring role of overlooked DNA scientist Rosalind Franklin in Photograph 51.

A real-life tale of world-changing scientific discoveries and injustice in a man’s world, there’s no surprise why Photograph 51 has theatre-goers flocking to the theatre. After receiving a standing ovation on the first preview night, fans have also taken to social media to praise the actress for her outstanding performance:

'Brilliant performance by Nicole Kidman on her opening night on stage at the Noel Coward Theatre. #Photograph51'.

'As a PhD student in chemistry and crystallography at Oxford, #Photograph51 was a phenomenal! @NicoleKidman was superb! #Inspired'.

The Australian Oscar-winning actress has admitted to spending a lot of time as a child in laboratories where her late father, to whom she has dedicated the play to, worked as a biochemist. Her performance explores the controversial story behind Dr Franklin’s involvement in the discovery of DNA’s double-helix in 1953, which for many years was credited to male scientists Maurice Watkins, James Watson and Francis Crick. It was only years later after Franklin’s death to ovarian cancer that she received the recognition she deserved.

Nicole Kidman takes to the stage for a 95-minute performance with no interval in the highly anticipated play by Anna Ziegler, which is now open at the Noel Coward Theatre for a series of preview performances. 

The name itself refers to an X-ray image of DNA taken during Franklin’s research at King’s College in London. The photograph was the first of its kind to reveal the double-helix shape of DNA and has since played a crucial part in scientific research around the world.

Before its official opening on the 14th of September, the final preview night will take place on the 12th of September, which is also the first anniversary of her father Dr Antony Kidman’s death.

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