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Latest F1 Updates Ahead of 2011 Season

Wednesday, 9th Mar 2011

Bahrain GP Given Deadline and Drivers Speak About Season Ahead

It has been well documented that the Bahrain Grand Prix was cancelled due to the uprisings in the Middle East, with the small Island-country amongst those revolting against their governments. At first it was indicated that the event would be postponed until later in the year, but by the end of February the story was changed to indicate full cancellation.

Now the latest word on the situation is that the organisers of the Bahrain Grand Prix will have until the 1st May 2011 to make their case for a rescheduled race and if they do not meet the deadline then the race will be cancelled.

According to BBC Sport the event, if it is to appear at all, would be rescheduled to the latter parts of the year, with August amongst those ruled out due to the intense heat that would be present then.

The uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have received a lot of news coverage in recent months, with both Tunisia and Egypt managing to oust their leaders and the ongoing struggle in Lybia looking as though it is going to be a long battle. But other nations, such as Bahrain, Iran, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and Yemen, have also seen similar backlashes against ruling regimes.

Those wanting to pick up sports tickets to witness the Formula One 2011 Season have had to wait until the end of March when the Australian Grand Prix kicks things off on Sunday 27th March 2011.

In other F1-related news Mark Webber has been speaking about Bernie Eccleston’s idea for introducing artificial rain onto tracks. The Formula 1 boss has suggested introducing sprinklers to make the tracks wet, emulating wet-weather conditions that often lead to exciting races. Both Webber and Mercedes GP boss Nick Fry are quoted on BBC Sport as being against the idea, denouncing it against the spirit of F1.

With the season due to kick off in Australia at the end of the month, pre-season tests are currently under way at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The 2011 F1 Season begins with the Australian Grand Prix, with other significant events throughout the year including the British Grand Prix on Sunday 10th July 2011. The final race, the Brazilian Grand Prix, appears on Sunday 27th November 2011. Further info on F1 Season here.

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