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Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games transfers to the Playhouse Theatre

Friday, 18th Sep 2015  

Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games

Michael Flatley’s Popular Update of the Classic Returns for Another run of Performances

Ever since it was first seen by audiences at the Playhouse Theatre back in 2014, the updated version of Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance, entitled Dangerous Games, has been winning over the crowds. With that in mind it is no wonder it has regularly returned to the capital since then, enjoying a run at the Dominion Theatre earlier this year, and now it is set to appear at the Playhouse Theatre once again.

Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games is set to appear at the Northumberland Avenue venue from October 2015 and continue into the New Year, giving yet another batch of fans their Irish Dance fix.

The Lord Of The Dance tells the story of the Little Spirit, who journeys through the ages and defends himself and Planet Ireland from Don Dorcha. Along the way he also helps out the Lord of the Dance as the show explores well known themes. But this is an update of the classic show and as such those picking up theatre tickets for Dangerous Games will see new choreography and stand-out stage work so that there will be plenty to enjoy for new fans and old.

Flatley, who has retired from performances in the UK, spoke about the transfer to the Playhouse Theatre: “I’m delighted that London has once again welcomed us so warmly, and to be able to extend the show’s run by moving to the very beautiful Playhouse Theatre makes me feel immensely proud of what we’ve achieved.  I am delighted for my dancers that they can continue to perform in this great city.”

But whilst he does not appear onstage, he does direct and he has guided an array of talented young performers on the stage and they will undoubtedly do justice to what has proven to be a popular revival of a classic show.

Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games makes its latest appearance in the West End at the Playhouse Theatre, the current home of another revival in The Rocky Horror Show, from Saturday 10th October 2015 to Sunday 3rd January 2016. 

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