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Marc Warren in Cool Hand Luke at the Aldwych Theatre

Wednesday, 15th Jun 2011

Donn Pearce’s Novel – Also a 1967 Movie – Headed to the Aldwych Theatre in September 2011

Ever since “Dirty Dancing” announced its closure at the Aldwych Theatre for July 2011 there has been some though regarding shows that would take to the West End venue in its absence. After all, the show has been at the venue since 2006 and in that time the theatre has been highly associated with its star show. Now two new shows have been announced for the West End location and in addition to next year’s “Midnight Tango” they have announced a production of “Cool Hand Luke” with “Hustle” star Marc Warren.

“Cool Hand Luke” was famously adapted from the novel by Donn Pearce into the movie with Paul Newman and George Kennedy in 1967. It tells the story of a veteran of the Second World War who, refusing to submit himself to the system that has broken him, finds himself incarcerated in a Florida prison camp. Luke Jackson is a man who has an unquenchable spirit and will stand by his morals in this hard-hitting and acclaimed story.

Marc Warren is a well known actor whose work has been seen all over the country in an abundance of high profile television programmes. Most notable of these is the long-running television series “Hustle”, though he has also appeared in the likes of “The Vice”,  “Band of Brothers”, “State of Play”, “Doctor Who” and “Life on Mars”, among others. For the silver screen he has appeared in “Wanted” and “Green Street”, whilst his theatre credits include “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice” at the Vaudeville Theatre in 2009 and “The Pillowman” at the Curve Theatre, Leicester. It makes him a recognisable actor whose work will ensure a sizable crowd of London theatre fans come September 2011.

“Cool Hand Luke” – as a movie – has been highly regarded since its release almost half a decade ago and as a result it is a movie that will continue to find an audience and ensure that audiences flock to the Aldwych to witness the action unfold.

“Cool Hand Luke” runs at the West End theatre from Monday 3rd October.

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