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Michael Flatley in Lord Of The Dance at the London Palladium

Tuesday, 1st Jul 2014  

The Famous Irish Musical Returns for a Final Season in the West End this September

The enormously popular Irish musical The Lord Of the Dance is set to return to London later this year for another season, giving audiences in the West End a chance to see Michael Flatley in his most famous role. The production will see talented performers head to the stage to appear in a show that has entertained audiences since the mid 1990s and has become a permanent fixture of popular culture.

Michael Flatley first presented Lord Of The Dance at the Point Theatre, Dublin, in 1996 and it is now among his most popular and well known productions. With music from Ronan Hardiman and Flatley himself taking on a starring role he became a phenomenon, appearing on stages around the world, from Dublin and London (where it played at the Coliseum) to Las Vegas and Walt Disney World, among others. Its popularity has ensured that hit has returned again and again.

This time is lands at the London Palladium, replacing the recently-closed musical I Can’t Sing – The X Factor Musical, and it does so with Flatley returning to the stage (in a reduced role) alongside Nadine Coyle (best known as a member of Girls Aloud).

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, as it will be called, is a story of the Little Spirit journeying through the ages to aid the Lord Of The Dance in his quest to defend himself and his People of Planet Ireland from Don Dorcha. It features an array of dancers and some acclaimed music to tell its story.

Michael Flatley, in addition to Lord Of The Dance, is also the man behind other well known shows like Riverdance, Feet Of Flames (an extended version of Lord Of The Dance), Celtic Tiger and, more recently, the celebration of his career known as A Night To Remember.

I Can’t Sing – The X Factory Musical closed its doors last month. The Harry Hill musical poked good natured fun at the popular ITV talent show, but it could not get the visitor numbers required for west end shows to be considered a success. As such, the Palladium is now set to be the home of a much better known hit.

Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games runs at the London Palladium from 1st September 2014 to 25th October 2014.

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