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Million Dollar Quartet show 'a dream come true for actor'

Tuesday, 11th Jan 2011

One of the actors set to star in the Million Dollar Quartet show at the Noel Coward Theatre has revealed it is a dream come true for him to be working in the production.

The play is all about the moment on December 4th 1956 when Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley gathered together at Sun Records founder Sam Phillips's studio to jam.

Ben Goddard, the actor playing Lewis, revealed to the London Evening Standard that he has a "colossal" interest in 1950s culture and the role is a dream for him.

He went on to explain that the cast, which also includes Derek Hagan, Robert Britton Lyons, Michael Malarkey and Francesca Jackson, is having a great time rehearsing.

Goddard was quoted as saying: "It's the only role in my career that I have actively sought. A friend saw the show on Broadway and said 'You have got to do it if it comes to London'."

Fans of musicals may also be interested in the Lance Horne - First Things Last concert, which takes place on January 30th at the Garrick Theatre.

Although the rest of the cast were marvellous, Ben Goddard simply made the show for me. His energy and talent were awe inspiring, and so I'm seeing the show again with some more of my friends. I'm certain they'll be just as impressed. WE LOVE YOU BEN GODDARD.

Scarlet Cavell at Thursday, 5th May 2011 00:33 AM

Fantastic show where the passion of the stars filtered into the audience and Ben Goddard was the leader in this area! Cant wait to see it again and to see him perform in the future. Thank you Ben for you exuberience.

brenda rabin at Sunday, 17th Jul 2011 14:57 PM

Ben Goddard was utterly brilliant as Jerry L. Lewis - He alone is worth a million dollars. You could run the National Grid off his energy.

lazydaisy at Saturday, 17th Sep 2011 20:02 PM

Wow! Ben Goddard, what a performance. Couldn't take our eyes of you althought the rest of the cast were great you were just something else. Will certainly see the show again and follow your career. Thank you.

LindaButler at Thursday, 20th Oct 2011 23:30 PM

Wonderful show full of energy. Will also be following Ben's career. He's obviously destined for great things. As a theatre courier I will be recommending the show to all our future passengers.

viccifranklin at Friday, 16th Dec 2011 22:49 PM

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