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'No more 1980s synth' for La Roux

Friday, 29th Oct 2010

The synth pop sound that made La Roux famous is being abandoned on their new recording, the group has announced.

Singer Elly Jackson told Spinner that she did not want to be creating music with the same electronic sound for the rest of her career and feels like she has grown up since the first record.

"The whole genre is so over," the red-haired singer stated.

"It was my thing and I'm bored with it. If I see anything more '80s-themed, I'm going to bust."

She added that although she is sure of her musical influences, she still has some experimenting to do with sound before the new direction of the Bulletproof hitmakers is finalised.

The duo are currently on the road in America promoting their self-titled debut album, which featured tracks including In For the Kill and I'm Not Your Toy, playing dates across the US throughout November 2010.

By Jemma Howard  

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