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Orlando Bloom cast in Killer Joe at the Trafalgar Studio

Thursday, 29th Mar 2018  

Killer Joe - Trafalgar Studio One

The Trafalgar Studios continues to host some big names in 2018, having already welcomed the likes of James McAvoy, John Simm, Ed Harris, Matt Berry and Mart Freeman, amongst others, in recent years.

This time around it is Orlando Bloom, instantly recognisable to audiences around the world thanks to his work in the Pirates Of The Caribbean film series, who steps onto the stage on Whitehall. He will play the title role in Tracy Letts’ acclaimed play Killer Joe from May.

In doing so he will help to transport audiences to Dallas, Texas, as a family’s hiring of a hitman causes a landslide of bad decisions and misfortune.

Bloom plays Joe Cooper, a hitman and police officer whose services are rendered by Chris Smith and his father Ansel Smith, who hope to kill Ansel’s ex-wife Adele. Their aim is to get hold of a large insurance settlement upon her death and this will in turn solve their financial problems. Unknown to them, however, is that their woes are going to get a lot worse when they fail to pay Cooper upfront and they discover they are not the recipients of the insurance payout. Cooper soon realises he is going to have to utilise an unorthodox form of payment.

The play first emerged in the early 1990s on both sides of the Atlantic, with Eric Winzenried playing Cooper on these shores. Matthew McConaughey then took on the role when it was adapted into a 2011 film.

But this time it is Orlando Bloom who takes on the role, following in the footsteps of numerous well known film actors that have appeared in the West End in recent years. In addition to mentioned names like James McAvoy and Ed Harris above, the capital has also welcomed the likes of Bryan Cranston, Matthew Perry, Christian Slater, Whoopie Goldberg, John Goodman and Rebel Wilson, amongst others, in recent years. 2018 also see Cuba Gooding Jr. appear in Chicago at the Phoenix Theatre.

Orlando Bloom, meanwhile, plays Joe Cooper in Killer Joe at the Trafalgar Studios 1 from Friday 18th May 2018 to Saturday 18th August 2018.

Chris Packer
Chris Packer Chris Packer has been writing about the West End for many years and wishes this knowledge would help him win some pub quizzes. When he’s not writing about the newest shows he’s probably watching films or anticipating the latest releases.

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