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Positive Reviews for Strangers On A Train at the Gielgud Theatre

Thursday, 28th Nov 2013  

The Critics Weigh-In on the Adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s Novel

Reviews have come in for the production of Strangers On A Train now running at the Gielgud Theatre in London’s West End and the consensus seems to be that the show is a success. The show is based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith and this is where the production takes most of its cues, though like the Criterion’s The 39 Steps it is perhaps better known for its movie adaptation directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

A lot of praise went to the sets and staging, with Quentin Letts of The Daily Mail praising the technical brilliance and saying “Scenery is struck and replaced within a brief whisk of the revolve”, whilst adding “Gosh, it’s an unhappy story, even when produced so well as this Robert Allan Ackerman show”.

Charles Spencer, writing for The Telegraph, also adds praise to the proceedings, saying “it is good to welcome the arrival of Strangers on a Train”, adding “It’s grippingly unpleasant stuff, and there are many moments of real suspense as well as constant splashes of dark wit”.

Meanwhile, Mark Shenton for London theatre Guide also praises the sets, saying “the impressive technology has a set by Tim Goodchild that is sent into constant motion and atmospheric projections by Peter Wilms that between them conspire to change locations in the blink of an eye”, though he does note that this threatens to overshadow the performances.
Simon Edge, writing for The Express, was less impressed with the production, saying that “the whole thing becomes confusing and contrived” after the promising opening. However, he is equally as impressed with the sets calling them “beautifully crafted”.

Strangers On A Trains sees Laurence Fox and Jack Huston take on lead roles as Guy Haines and Charles Bruno, two strangers that strike up a conversation on a train, with the results leading to murder. Guy realises he has accidentally agreed to the death of his wife and this could change his life in ways he could not have seen.

Craig Warner’s adaptation of Strangers On A Train, under the direction of Robert Allan Ackerman, continues at the Gielgud Theatre and is booking to Saturday 22nd February 2014.

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