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Profile: David Tennant

Friday, 18th Dec 2015

There are few people in this country that won’t have heard of David Tennant. After all, once upon a time, he was the world’s most famous time travelling alien when he became the Tenth Doctor in the revived series of Doctor Who. So his return to the role of Richard II when the production opens at the Barbican in the New Year will be met with great enthusiasm from his fans.

But what else has David Tennant been up to during his time in the spotlight? We take a look at some of his career highlights.

Tennant was born in West Lothian, Scotland in 1971 and decided to pursue acting from a very young age thanks to his well known love of Doctor Who, a fact he has spoken about regularly, particularly during his time playing the Time Lord. As a result he took to the stage during these early years and eventually studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

By the time he had left the school he had already accumulated credits but by now the 80s were coming to an end and his rise to the top began in the 1990s and 2000s, culminating in the high profile appearance in the series Casanova. During this time he also started to perform Shakespearean work on the stage, laying the foundations for his current run in the role of Richard II.

But it has been the small screen in which he has made his biggest mark. We’ve mentioned Doctor Who a few times and it’s clear that this remains his most successful work. He started playing the Tenth Doctor in 2005, taking over from Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, and continued in the part for three series and a year of specials until early 2010, paving the way for Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, and he consistently rated amongst the best Doctors of all time.

However, since stepping down from the role, he has not been without his successes. The most significant role since Doctor Who has to be that of Detective Alec Hardy in the series Broadchurch, which has so far run for two series, with a third to follow. The mysteries surrounding the series ensured plenty of attention for the show, and Tennant, that has kept him in the spotlight.

But what about continued stage work? Recent years, audiences in and around London have seen Tennant in shows like Hamlet at the Novello Theatre, Much Ado About Nothing at the Wyndham’s Theatre and Love’s Labours Lost for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

So as he returns to London to star in Richard II at the Barbican Theatre, all eyes will once again be on David Tennant as he shows us why he has become such a popular fixture of the British stage and screen. It opens in January 2016.

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