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REM restrict recording sessions

Monday, 4th Oct 2010

REM will only work on a track three times in the recording studio in order to keep the process as short as possible.

Guitarist Peter Buck told contactmusic.com that he will not do any more than three takes, believing that more attempts take away some of the "magic" of the song.

"I basically said: 'I'm not going to do a song more than three times; if we can't get a magical take in three takes, then let's just walk away from it," Buck told the music site.

He added that the band, who are currently working on their as-yet untitled 15th album in Berlin, have recorded around 25 tracks for the final release that they have narrowed down to 15 or 16 new songs.

Fans of the group may well hope that the new release will prompt them to tour again, with their last UK dates taking place in July 2008.

By Jemma Howard  

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