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Respect La Diva with Andy Abraham at the Garrick Theatre

Sunday, 10th Jul 2011  

A New Production Celebrating Music Icons of the Female World Arriving in September

It has been announced that the Garrick Theatre will be granted a brand new production later in the year, which will replace the current production “Pygmalion” with Kara Tointon, from 7th September 2011. The show promises to be something altogether different for audiences to pick up Theatre Tickets for and features the creative influence of Adrian Grant, best known to audiences for the stand-out production of “Thriller Live” at the Lyric Theatre.

The show is set to feature some top names of the female vocal world, in addition to some up and coming British stars as well, who have appeared in productions in the West End and in television shows like “The X Factor”. The best known stars are likely to be Sheila Ferguson of The Three Degrees and Denise Pearson of Five Star and both of these will be celebrating the likes of Shirley Bassey, Aretha Franklin and modern stars like Beyonce alongside Andy Abraham, Katy Setterfield and Zoe Birkett.

Andy Abraham is well known to audiences for appearing in the 2005 version of “The X Factor” during which his ultimate rival was Shayne Ward, who would win the series. But whilst he did not win “The X Factor” he has still managed to carve out a successful music career with albums like “The Impossible Dream” in 2006, “Soul Man” in 2006 and “Even If” in 2008, with singles like “Hang Up” and “December Brings Me Back to You”. He also represented the UK in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

Meanwhile Katy Setterfield can also be see on tour in the United Kingdom later in 2011 where she will likely attract a sizable crowd thanks to her past appearances in shows such as “The One and Only”, which she won in 2008 and went on to appear in the “Legends in Concert” show in Las Vegas.

So with “Thriller Live” still running at the Lyric Theatre, Adrian Grant presents another show in the form of “Respect La Diva”, which runs at the Garrick Theatre from Wednesday 7th September 2011 to Saturday 24th September 2011.

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