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Robert Vaughn and Jeff Fahey Among the Twelve Angry Men at the Garrick Theatre

Thursday, 12th Sep 2013  

Nick Moran and Martin Shaw Also Among Those Cast in the Stage Version of Sidney Lumet’s Debut Movie

A new production of Twelve Angry Men, best known as a 1957 movie directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Henry Fonda, is set to appear at the Garrick Theatre later in the year and a casting announcement has emerged with some high profile names.

Robert Vaughn and Jeff Fahey are among them, with Martin Shaw and Nick Moran as well, ensuring plenty of familiar faces. They are joined by Paul Antony-Barber, David Calitto, Ed Franklin , Robert Blythe, Miles Richardson, Luke Shaw, Martin Turner, Owen O'Neil, Jason Riddington.

Twelve Angry Men is the ultimate court-based drama as we follow 12 jurors as they deliberate on the trial of a young boy who might have murdered his father. It seems like it should be an easy case and the jury can go home early, but thanks to the thinking of one juror in particular – who has noticed facts about the case and biases in the other jurors – it might be a lot more complicated than they first thought.

The 1957 movie starred Henry Fonda as this particular juror and the film became an iconic piece. It followed a teleplay of the same name when it landed on the screen and a stage version has appeared on a London stage on numerous occasions.

Robert Vaughn is a well known American actor whose credits ensure he remains a familiar face to those picking up theatre tickets. His work has included The Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Magnificent Seven and Coronation Street, in addition to stage work that goes back to the 1950s.

Then there’s cult actor Jeff Fahey, who has appeared in a range of roles during his career, ranging from the 80s western Silverado to Pierce Brosnan film The Lawnmower Man. Recent years have also seen him appear in television series Lost and Robert Rodriguez movies such as Planet Terror and Machete.

Rock of Ages is the show currently on the stage of the Garrick Theatre, though that ends in later in the year much like another of the West End’s popular musicalsTop Hat. Twelve Angry Men follows from 11th November 2013 (previews from 7th November 2013) to 1st March 2013. The show will also appear on a UK tour.

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