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The Exorcist to Appear at the Phoenix Theatre

Thursday, 10th Aug 2017  

The Exorcist - Phoenix Theatre

Whilst the West End is already the home of various stage productions that have their origins on the big screen and the page, the latest show set for the Phoenix Theatre this October is slightly more unexpected. According to Official London theatre, the venue will be presenting the stage version of The Exorcist over the New Year and until March 2018, offering audiences a classic horror story that has captured the attentions of filmgoers for decades.

It’s not the only horror in the capital of course – The Woman in Black (itself based on a book that was also adapted into a film) still runs at the Fortune Theatre and Ghost Stories has been seen on numerous occasions - but The Exorcist has a legacy that ensures it will be one of the big talking points of 2017.

The original book by William Peter Blatty was published in 1971, with the film following in 1973 under the direction of William Friedkin. Highly controversial and influential, the film is now considered amongst the best ever made and continues to attract fans around the world.

Its story focuses on the character of Regan (played by Linda Blair on the big screen), a 12-year-old girl who becomes possessed by a demon. Her mother tries various means of solving the problem until two priests – including Father Damien, wrestling his own demons - are drafted in to perform an exorcism in scenes that have gone down in film history.

The stage version, first seen in 2016, is directed by Sean Mathias, with casting yet to be announced. But considering the pedigree of the story, expect some talented individuals to be drafted in to bring the show to life.

And in doing so they will be following-up another iconic show that plays at the Phoenix Theatre. The venue is currently the home of Evita, which enjoys a brief revival until October, and so the West End location will be taking a drastic change of pace as the year progresses.

Chris Packer
Chris Packer Chris Packer has been writing about the West End for many years and wishes this knowledge would help him win some pub quizzes. When he’s not writing about the newest shows he’s probably watching films or anticipating the latest releases.

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