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The Success of The Lion King Continues

Sunday, 15th Apr 2012

The Blockbuster Musical Breaks Record on Broadway

“The Lion King” has been a popular show on both sides of the Atlantic, whether it is the well known 1994 movie or its stage adaptation, and now new proof that it is continuing to have a big effect on audiences arrives courtesy of its Broadway box office records.

Since it opened back in 1997 it has earned $853.8 million, according to BBC News, which amounts to £536.7 million and makes it the highest grossing musical in Broadway history, even beating the likes of “The Phantom of the Opera”, which mimics its West End counterpart by continuing a run that began in the 1980s.

London theatre audiences have also proven their love of the musical, however, as the West End version of the show at the Lyceum Theatre set the record for the highest earnings in history two years in a row (2009 and 2010). It shows that whether audiences have picked up theatre tickets in New York or London, “The Lion King” remains a popular choice.

The movie version has also been in the spotlight in recent times as it was re-released in cinemas in 2011 in 3D, adding to its movie box office totals.

“The Lion King” mimics the story of “Hamlet” by focusing a young prince that must avenge his father’s death at the hands of his uncle. However, the Disney show takes this Shakespearean story and replaces the characters with lions and other animals in the Pride Land. The lead is Simba, the lion cub, who witnesses his father, King Mufasa, as he is killed by Scar and pins it on the young prince. As a result, Simba must flee the Pride Land and put his past behind him, until a visit from his father’s ghost convinces him to return and face Scar once and for all.

Some of the high takings of “The Lion King” can be attributed to Easter, where the BBC reports that the show took in £2 million, well above its rivals.

“The Lion King” remains in New York and London, with the West End version currently booking at the Lyceum Theatre until Saturday 1st September 2012.

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