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The Tinderbox Story – A Fantastic Fairy Tale For The Whole Family

Wednesday, 26th Aug 2015  

There’s a new show in town – and it’s got everyone talking.

Tinderbox” is a literary fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, which was his first published in 1835 and is still loved by all ages to this day. It tells the story of a soldier who returns from war and meets a witch that encourages him to retrieve a magical tinderbox from inside a hollow tree. Along the way he meets monstrous dogs and a beautiful princess, as well as being part of a rags to riches story.

Despite this show being viewed as a colourful, magical tale, The Tinderbox does indeed have its thought-provoking moments and it’s these original folk tales that often offer up more than just a kids show. There are deep meanings here, not least when the soldier’s friends desert him after he loses all his wealth. If you’re looking for a show that is perfect for the whole family but perhaps enjoy the more ‘cautionary tales’ then this is one to watch.

The Tinderbox originated in Denmark but has since been retold around the world. In fact, it became the first Danish animated movie. Hans Christian Anderson’s unique storytelling and un-traditional fairy tale structure became his trademark. In The Tinderbox, the opening line of “A soldier came marching along the high road: Left, right – left, right” is far removed from the traditional “Once Upon a Time” stories we have all been accustomed to with fairy stories. Plus, Anderson’s tales don’t always have a happy ending. With The Tinderbox though, there is at least a joyous finale when the solider is reunited with the princess and they enjoy their wedding festivities – even if the King and Queen were “dashed to pieces” by the monstrous dogs!

The story has often been likened to that of Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp and indeed, it does share some similarities – but The Tinderbox is one of Anderson’s finest Scandinavian folk tales that ultimately offers up a unique piece of literary delight.

The Tinderbox show will star Mandy Holliday, who previously starred in Les Miserables. It’s set to run for just 3 weeks throughout the Christmas period at Charring Cross Theatre, so be sure to be get your tickets! 

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